Flash Fiction No. 12

Flash fiction statement was provided by Tatiana Eileen Shryock on my Facebook Fan Page.

I never knew I’d kill a person…

“I never knew I’d kill a person.

If you’d told me an hour ago, I would have laughed at you. It’s funny how things can change in such a short space of time.

An hour ago, I was a monster.

But how can you describe internal bliss as monstrous? Sure, there’s a price to pay. It’s a terrible price, but that just depends on how you look at it.

An hour ago, I was uncontrollable.

It was all so new to me. It was so fresh and raw like the first time you smash a bug under your foot and squeeze it into a thousand tiny pieces. You have to make sure that it’s completely obliterated. And that’s how it felt. It was a need to crush out every molecule of life and innocence.

I’m not even shaking now. I could do it like swatting a fly. It’s so easy. I think this is what they meant when they said your humanity drains away.”

A pause and a slow, sharp smile.

“Is this what you wanted to hear?”

The young man readjusted his glasses and edged further back in his bed, keeping his stare frozen on her as she crouched at the end of the mattress, dark shadows scarring her icy face.

“I don’t suppose you did.

You thought it was glamorous, didn’t you? Yesterday, I might have thought the same, but now I know for sure. It’s not glamorous as far as humans see it, but to us…

To us, it’s spectacular.

And I have you to thank for this.”

He swallowed against the feral glint in her eye.

“If you hadn’t left me, I wouldn’t be here right now. You’re such a coward, but I’ve come to remedy you of that.”

He did nothing as she moved towards him with deadly feline grace, licking her lips as a deep-veined lust filled her too vivid eyes. He couldn’t move as if she had paralysed him by the mere power of thought.

As her teeth sunk vengefully into his weak flesh he couldn’t break the scream from his throat. Crimson essence leaked away along the curve of his throat. He gasped like a drowning fish, eyes glassy and unseeing as his vision faded.

The body spasmed with the last drips of life until she relinquished her grasp.

For a moment, all was still.

The curtains gave way to the icy pale glare of the coiled moon suspended in the black of the gothic skies. She sat back on her haunches and wiped her jaw with the back of one pale hand then proceeded to lap up the excess blood.

It tasted like the sweetest of nectars. She closed her eyes and savoured it for the briefest of moments.

Finally, she slipped from the bedside, leaving his body bloodless and motionless upon the white sheets, and moved with delicate poise to the silver balcony. The curtains curled inwards, once. When they floated wide again, she had ghosted away into the night.

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