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So I wrote this about five minutes ago. I guess I was just feeling poetic. It was really Tim Moulin’s fault because we were talking about tin foil knights. So this is my poem. I hope you enjoy it.

The Ballad Of The Tin Foil Hero

Rebecca Clare Smith   -   16 Aug 2010

A tin foil hero
In tin foil times,
The tin foil hero
Dissolving dark crimes.

With a sword of paper,
And cardboard affects,
Polystyrene rapier,
No one expects
The tin foil knight
With heart on his side
To charge from the light
And rescue his bride.

She kisses him daintily
With lips made from dreams.
Silk voice so saintly,
She’s not what she seems.

The tin foil hero
With tin foil dreams
Is a tin foil zero
In her palest of memes.

So the tin foil knight
With paper-light heart
Hands her the right
To tear it apart.

She pretties the paper
With thoughts and with lies
Then toys with the caper
Of destroying her prize.

His heart set on fire,
She knows what to do,
And breaking her lyre,
Fakes an ‘I love you’.

The tin foil hero
With paper-light heart
Is a tin foil hero
Snared by the dark.

But the paper is burning,
Shrivelling his chest;
The tin foil turning
The silver from best.

Cries tin foil knight,
As she leaves him to rust,
”Blind from your light
I was withered and crushed!”

Oh tin foil hero
Lost paper-light heart…
Oh tin foil hero
She tore you apart…

I wish we could save you
As you crawl on the floor
From the angel that you
Did so blindly adore…

Oh tin foil hero
With dusty grey heart…
Oh tin foil hero
Who cries in the dark…

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