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The other night, whilst lying awake due to the inordinately large amount of light that comes through my shoddy blinds, I was thinking about how the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around us. Really innovative and interesting, I bet you’re thinking…

Anyway, I was thinking about how I’d read up on certain beliefs that the universe was created by a Goddess and that She was represented by the Moon. The Goddess created the God, represented by the Sun, who was taken up in Christian beliefs as their God whilst the Goddess was forgotten.

If you’re keeping up so far then I applaud you. My method of explaining complicated things is usually at least a bit awry.

So I figured that the roles these two spiritual beings play is now quite similar to the roles their celestial bodies undertake. The Goddess, for example, guides us through the dark and provides light and a feeling of safety in the dark. Her entire purpose revolves around us and looking after us as She basks in the light of the Sun and reflects His glory to the darkest places. Then, the Sun is in plain view and is more revered than the gentle Moon – much like Christianity absorbed the male God and cast out the female Goddess (feel free to disagree with this statement as it is based on something I read somewhere). So the light of the Sun is seen everywhere, whereas the guiding light of the moon is sometimes overshadowed by the glowing intensity of the male sign.

If you wanted to go really hardcore with this little musing that I went on (I know… I have too much time on my hands), then you could say that this is also mildly representative of the roles of men and women through time. Women used to be pretty much worshipped until missionaries came along. After that women were considered lower than animals in some cultures.

Slowly, women have fought to be seen as equals, but there are still those who clearly disagree with this idea. Some are still of the opinion that women stay at home, look after the children and do nothing else.

Anyway, that’s my random little rant on some random analytical thoughts. It didn’t really have a purpose, but I just thought that it might be interesting to let people see a little into my head. It’s a very crowded place full of lots of bits of string and things so I only hope you can wade your way through.

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