Flash Fiction No.10

Flash fiction statement was provided by Tatiana Eileen Shryock on my Facebook Fan Page.

It was a dark and stormy night

Lightning tore the hellish purple sky, bleeding splattered yowls of thunder into his cracked and faded memory. The skeleton trees and broken hill fell in and out of focus as he hurried. The light scored and burned his hunched shoulders as it speared the air.

He twitched, trying to shake the memory, but they just tightened the controls and dug their instruments deeper into his skull, forcing him to relive it.

To relive this.

He struggled, desperate to open his eyes, but they were taking hold of his controls. His synapses burned in his brain, every tortured nerve screaming for release.

The sky crackled in his inner ear, flashing and burning before his lidded eyes. Sensations of pain blurred in and out from his feet. He could remember the dizzy scent of blood as it dripped from his ripped soles.

His breathing was louder. Louder even than the thunder.

He didn’t want to remember-

And then came the ear splitting screech.

He knew what would happen when he turned, terrified to look, but he couldn’t stop himself. He couldn’t change the memory and he couldn’t raise his body to stop them.

Why were they forcing him? Why did they need to see what he’d seen? Why him?

His arm flooded with spasms, his fingers contracting and contorting beneath their thick restraints as he fought it.

The memory wavered but didn’t stop. It just slowed down, letting him see every second in sickening detail.

Gargled screams left his frothing mouth while the scientists hurried to inject some more of the solution into his writhing body. It was to relax his muscles and stop him from dying on them. The others had died, they’d said, when they’d forced him into their perverted experiment. They needed the memories of that night. They needed to see what he’d seen.

All of the other subjects had died.

Over the years, they’d been caught one by one. Too young for the machine, their bodies and minds had been damaged beyond repair.

That’s why he was here now.

The spasms blistered through his skin, his body shaking too violently as his eyes rolled back in his head and teeth clanged into his already bloody tongue.

The creature in his memory came towards him.

It towered above him. The screaming violet sky seemed to clamour around its very presence. The young boy shook, stumbling over a rock behind him. He landed with a thud on the unfocused hill. The creature was as clear as day to him. Flames flickered around its face, serving as a river of fiery hair.

What he remembered most were the eyes… the eyes that were a hundred times sharper and more detailed than anything else in this stolen piece of his life.

The terrifying beauty smiled.

The electrical equipment in the room sprayed a shower of sparks, instantly shutting off and destroying all evidence of his memory in their machines. His body lay still, metal prongs piercing his skull to tamper with his recollections.

The scientists hurried to and fro, trying to restore their work. They needed to find out about her. They needed to discover the blazing goddess’s secrets. He was their only chance now.

The young man opened his eyes.

A triumphant laugh left his weak lips and then his body dissolved into nothing.

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