Catching Up

There has been a distinct lack of posting on this here journal and it most definitely has to stop! Why has there been a lack of posting and general openness into my life, you ask? Why haven’t I been screaming how many people have been reading my lovely WIP you cry? And just why in heaven’s name have there been various Daily Booth images of me painting?!

These questions and more will thus be answered…

First and foremost, my Leaking Manuscript has received 24 visits (I don’t think this is bad considering I’m an unknown and I don’t have the money for a PR machine) which is great…


I was rather hoping that those who read it would give me at least a little more feedback on it. I had some lovely comments on people reading the beginning of it and I truly appreciate these. Still, it would be helpful to receive some more in-depth comments on the story. I’d really like to know what things writers/readers think I’ve managed well and bits that they think I could improve on and, thus, become a better writer due to. This isn’t to say that I want to be told it’s horrible and I should chop my hands off so that the world can never again be plagued by my incessant ramblings in written form. That just wouldn’t help at all.

But if you have any constructive criticism to add, then I would be very much interested to read it. Any tips and tricks you have to offer, would also be gladly received.

So what’s with the disappearing act?

Well, I figured that I’d give myself a few days off after the mad scramble to get the former up and online for such lovely people as yourselves to read. Little did I know that it was going to be longer than I thought before I’d be able to start writing again or even leaving journal entries here!

On the fourteenth of July, Master Berserker informed us that he was going to move into his friend’s house. We shall call this friend Jack A. Dandy for the purposes of nobody finding out who he actually is (if you don’t know already, of course). Anyway, Jack A. Dandy and his mother, Mrs Dandy, came to collect Master Berserker and his stuff. Mrs Dandy left us a note saying she didn’t know what had happened and she didn’t want to intrude but that Master Berserker was staying at her house that night.

This confused us as he’d told us that he was moving out to live there with them. He’d told us that Mrs Dandy was aware of this, so why would she think he was only staying the night?

Anyway, I was informed that I could, thus, have Master Berserker’s bedroom as it was larger than my room and I had been cramped into my tiny room for years. I cannot describe how much this pleased me. Nevertheless, I had a snoop on Master Berserker’s facebook to make sure that he was alright only to find that he had posted the most absurd statements about how we had kicked him out.

We didn’t kick him out.

His friends asked him why he had been kicked out, to which his response was that ‘his ‘family are all c***s’. I hate that word. I really despise that above all other cuss words. In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of people are similarly offended more by this one word than any other swear.

The next day, we received a phone call from the housing place saying that Master Berserker had come to them asking to be put into a flat because we had kicked him out and he was subsequently homeless. My father answered the phone. The benefits guy asked if Master Berserker was allowed to come home and live with us. My father replied that of course he could. This meant that Master Berserker was not actually homeless. This meant that he could not get a place to live off the council because he’d made himself intentionally homeless.

During this time, I started cleaning out his old room. In good condition it was not. See the photos for evidence.

I was into the second day of this when Master Berserker arrived on the doorstep. He knocked on the door and, when my mother answered, he went into the front room with her and tried to intimidate her into writing a letter for him to say that he wasn’t allowed back in the house. My mother wrote this:

“The relationship between me and my son [Master Berserker] has broken down. He refuses to return home.”

Master Berserker also refused to take the letter in that form and thus left angry and empty-handed. In his lovely way before he left, however, he told my mother that he had a pair of scissors in his bag and that he would kill use them to slit his wrists because we’d ruined his life etc etc. This made my mother both upset and worried (great since she’s on her happy pills and all after her breakdown).

Later that night, my father called Master Berserker and got him to admit that we hadn’t thrown him out. Master Berserker still refused to return home and has basically forced my parents into a corner where they have to say they don’t want him back just to make sure that he is safe and he has somewhere to live while he basks in his own glorious stupidity.

Nevertheless, his room is now a much happier place… and mine.

This has reduced the amount of time that I have been able to write. Not only have I been actively cleaning the room and making it a much nicer place, but I have also been seeing lots of friends back from university for their holidays. Combine this with an unexpected power cut that lasted most of the day and all of the night and you can, perhaps, see why I have had little time to write anything or bring those of you who read this up to date here. And then there are the other things that have happened.

I met a nice young man whilst purchasing paint. He unfortunately received two awkward visits at the DIY shop where he works. The second of which was more awkward because I gave him my number, stumbled over my words and practically ran away. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that. And I’m glad I did.

But I shall say no more on the subject, because I figure that this will be something I should keep at least slightly secret for a short while. For a change, this might mean that nobody else tries to get involved. And I hope they don’t try.

As much as I adore my friends… I want to keep this to myself as much as possible and be greedy and secretive. Ha ha. I’m sure that it’s understandable. I will probably become slightly less secretive when/if (I hope when) things progress a bit more, but for now… I’m going to keep him to myself and tell nothing!

– So, I’ll sign off now and try to get back into the groove of regular posting.

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