New Gadgets To Fiddle With

Today I downloaded the beta version of the new Windows Live Messenger (msn to those of the old school variety). Normally, this probably wouldn’t be anything to do with the writing community; however, the new features and some of the new side programs are quite helpful for a writer wanting to stay in touch online.
The new features include the ability to connect with your facebook page and your twitter page. It also allows you to add in blog feeds so that anybody you are connected with on msn (depending on your privacy settings) will be able to see updates on your blog, your twitter and your facebook page. You can also have it join in with your myspace.

As I mentioned before, there are some other side programs that are particularly good for writers. One of these I am currently using. It’s called Windows Live Writer and it allows me to post straight to my blog from my computer. If you have me added on twitter/facebook etc then you may have noticed a post earlier that I deleted. This post was picked up automatically by twitterfeed and sent to my various web links. It wasn’t an actual blog post that you missed so you have no need to worry.

It was, in fact, Windows Live Writer connecting to my blog so that it could download the necessary information to allow me to post straight from my computer to it. I can tell you that this will give me a great deal more focus. Usually, I go onto the ‘net with the notion to post something but I get distracted because I sift through other tabs first. Once I’m distracted it means that I don’t really want to make the necessary posts and I forget what it is that I might have wanted to say.

It also means that I’ll be able to write flash fiction more often. I find that I concentrate more on the piece that I’m writing if it’s in a separate program such as MS Word. The problem with using such programs is that I have to transfer over and I don’t get to see what the finished result looks like until I have actually posted it. This way, however, I get to see the post in all its glory beforehand. This means I’m less likely to have to edit it and, if I’m adding images in, I can see how they suit the piece better. Not to mention the effect that the layout will have on the reader.

I’d also like to bring to everyone’s attention the fact that my friend, Sarah, is doing Race For Life on Sunday. This is where people run in hope that they will get sponsored for charity. As it is, she needs a bit more to reach her target of just £75. If you think you can help and you want to donate to her run then the link is here: Sarah’s Race For Life Page. I’m sure she’d appreciate anybody helping out.

Anyway, that’s me signing off for another day!

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