Link Rescues Alice From Superhero Land… Wait, What?

I edited this photo quite a while ago:

This first picture was done in accordance with a private joke. The friend in the picture is nicknamed ‘Spanner’ and so we decided he was a superhero and he had tingly Spanner senses. In a conversation I said I’d edit a photo of him. Friends forgot about this until about four hours later when I posted the image on facebook and it was promptly set as a profile picture by my friend and remained so for several months.
Recently, I got a bit bored and wanted to do something arty for a change so I decided to crop and edit another photo of a friend and the following three pictures (of Greyson Wright and Sean Buller) were created. 

The next picture will become one of a series as I promised my friend Sarah that I would alter a few of my friends and make us into characters from Alice In Wonderland (the Tim Burton version). So here she is as the White Queen – it took a while to change her hair from brown to white-blonde.
When I get around to completing the other pictures I will put them on here and hope you all like them!

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