Don’t OverByte It., Twit, Or I’ll Facebook Your Mum’s Space

Good morning! You may have noticed that I’ve altered the blog layout a bit. Links are on their own separate page, as is a short about me section and a quick links section to my flash fiction. It took quite a while to get it all sorted into a pleasing fashion. I wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed added in whilst keeping the blog as clutter free as possible. That’s pretty hard to do when you want people to be able to share your blog in other places and keep all your links as well as have a list of recent comments & blogs that you read. I’m hoping that I’ve managed to achieve this. So answers on a postcard (or at the bottom of this post) if you think I have or if you can see improvements to be made.

I have also edited post settings so they sound a bit more pirate-like. Certain friends have already rolled their eyes at me for this. I happen to like the pirate style, though. It amuses me to no end. You can get pirate style on facebook. I did have it implemented for quite a while, but it gets tricky when you’re trying to change your privacy settings so I had to revert back to actual English.

In other news, formspring has changed its layout. It now looks slightly more polished than it did. Still, a friend has complained that the new logo that appears at the top of your tab looks too much like the facebook logo. Personally, I think it looks similar but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I would confuse them. I do, however, like the new way it’s laid out. I’d describe it to you, but, as usual, formspring is down for some unknown reason. It has a habit of doing this quite regularly. Either it has a dreadfully unreliable server or the staff are simply useless at sorting technical glitches. After a while, you really do get sick of seeing the stupid ‘oops something broke’ sign that pops up. Nevertheless, I did have similar trouble with twitterfeed, yesterday. It still hasn’t attempted to post a link to my last blog entry and when I went to the page I kept finding the server’s page telling me that it was down for maintenance or something. The worrying thing is that a friend could still access it – and people wonder why I get paranoid about electronics!

In other news, I was clearly on the right track when I said that Broxter would leave OverByte hanging. Evidence for my amazing powers of ESP (extra sensory perception) can be found on this post at Phillip Gamble’s Game Maker Blog. Sometimes it’s nice to be right all the time and others it really isn’t. This is one of those cases in between. I’m glad I was right, but at the same time I wish it hadn’t all ended the way it has. I still feel bad for Greyson and I hope he gets his new venture sorted. I can’t say I feel bad towards Broxter because we don’t get on (a prime example of this would be the fact that he has been permanently banned from my chatroom twice – twice because his ip address changed after the first time). If he’d picked up the pace, however, then the magazine wouldn’t be in its current state. So, in the long run, Greyson has probably made the right decision.

Anyway, my intentions for the day are to go and get dressed so I can take two small doggies for a walk. It’s lovely and sunny out. I hope the weather is just as nice where you are.

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