The Cadence Rolls In Broken

Broken like the peace and quiet in my house currently is. You may remember that my dog, Ollie, passed away recently. Our house has felt kind of empty without a dog, despite the five cats… and now it is definitely not empty.

The reason for the lack of entries is: the day of my last entry, I went with my mother and her friend all the way to Castleford to get a West Highland Terrier… When we got there, we had the choice between two little boys. My mum was only supposed to get one because we couldn’t afford two. But I fell in love with the one my mum didn’t really like and we ended up convincing her to get both of the little boys. They’re brothers and a bit boisterous. My dad has not been told how much they cost. Nor will he be told. My brother is similar with dealing with the puppies. Except, in my brother’s case, he refuses to listen to how he is supposed to deal with them so he’s making it incredibly hard to get them to socialise properly with the cats and vice versa. He comes in making loud noises. It’s ruined the easy introduction I was going for.

This caused a huge fracas the other day, wherein, my brother threw a mug of hot coffee over me. I don’t really want to go into any more detail, but suffice to say that it was a bad night.

On a happier note, I went for an interview for a job as a lollipop lady the other day. The woman called me about twenty minutes later to tell me that I have the job. All I need is to get hold of an old tutor at school to give me a reference as I already got hold of somebody else to give me another reference. I’m really glad that the lady decided to give me a chance even though I have no real previous experience and, like she said, I’m younger than most candidates for the job. Anyway, it should be really good to do something other than clean all day. I’ll also be getting a small wage from it. It isn’t going to be anything big, but I realised that before I applied. It means I’ll be able to do my writing in between, though.

I’m so tired that I really have nothing more to say. I’ll leave another picture of my sweet little doggies, though. They’re currently sleeping, which is good. It’s late and I am so knackered. I haven’t written in days – mostly because I’ve been dogsitting (not to be confused with sitting on dogs). So here’s a last picture:

(Lyrics in the title are from One Flight Down by Norah Jones)

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