Sharp As A Knife & You Fit Like A Glove

Today, I feel pretty tired and I think my back and shoulders might be mildly sunburnt. I haven’t been into the light yet to see. In fact, I’m typing this whilst in my pyjamas. I will get out of them shortly, but I’ll finish writing this first.

It’s quite obvious that summer has hit England. We’re all complaining about it. Being British, we will happily complain about anything but our favourite thing to complain about is the weather. We hate it when it’s so hot that we can barely move and our fair skin turns red and crispy. We hate it when it’s cold and wet and our clothes are soaked through. We hate it when it’s overcast and the sky seems to be a melancholy mix of miserable. We hate it when it snows because then it is too cold and we never do get any sunlight… except, of course, we do get sunlight and then we fall to complaining about that again. It’s quite dreadful, really. We should just learn to be happy.

Anyway, yesterday I went to a wedding with a good friend of mine (on account that his original guest couldn’t go so I stepped in). It was a really lovely day for it as you can probably tell from the above photograph. The ceremony was absolutely perfect, though, there was a vicar who went on quite a lot about wine leaving us all wondering if he was secretly an alcoholic. It was nice, though, and the bride’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. The reception was nice as well. It certainly stuffed us, anyway. It was a full three course meal and, although the food was delicious, it stuffed us so much that we could barely move afterwards. So our little group sat on the lawns for a bit (which is where the photo was taken) and had a nice chat and a drink. Then they set up a barbecue, which we had some of, but I was still pretty full from earlier and didn’t have an awful lot of it. There was a disco bit then. We were waiting on the lads to dance with us but they refused so in the end two of us got up and had a little jig before my friend and I left. It was a really lovely day and I met some great new people.

It means, though, that I haven’t finished the chapter that I was writing. I might try to finish it when I’ve gotten dressed. I have it all planned out so it won’t be too difficult. I’ve just been procrastinating, I guess. I also plan to write some flash fiction soon. I’ve had a great response in regards to statements I can use for it from the people who have my facebook fan page added. It’s really nice to know that so many people are so helpful with it.

Anyway, this is about as much as I have to tell you all right now. I’m going to go get dressed and see if I really have burned myself in the sun. Here’s hoping I haven’t!

(Lyrics in the title are from Salt Skin by Ellie Goulding)

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