I Should Be Hoping, But I Can’t Stop Thinking Of All The Things I Should’ve Said That I Never Said

Many apologies for the lateness in posting this week. It’s been a bit hectic, to be honest. I’ve spent time cheering friends up, feeling a bit rubbish and, today, baking again. A good friend came over tonight and we replenished my house’s stock of Australian crunchy (I’ve even included the recipe in case you want to make some for yourself). Basically, it’s a flapjack type thing that you top with melted chocolate. I made some in my baking session at the beginning of last week and it got pretty much eaten within twenty-four hours. So, today, me and my handsome assistant, Mr Jonathan, doubled up the recipe…

Admittedly we also added lots of extra butter because it started going a bit too sticky in the pan. Jonno had the job of smashing up the cornflakes before we added them. He pretty much obliterated them… which luckily is how they need to be. We even had to use two trays to put it all in the oven. The huge bar of melting chocolate we had, though, only just covered them afterwards. That’s kind of a shame because last time the coating was nice and thick. It will have to do, though. Currently, everybody is in agreement that the chocolatey, flapjack type things are very ‘moooaaarrrish’. Jonno has taken some home, as well; though he started eating it on the doorstep… so I doubt it actually made it to his house. If it did, then I commend him. If it didn’t, then I shake my head and thoroughly disapprove.

We also went out on Saturday to a barbecue which was fun, despite the fact that we’d never met the girl whose barbecue it was before. We sort of dropped in with a friend who did know her. So there was three of us and we had quite a good time. The barbecue didn’t go so well, though. It wasn’t very steady and it ended falling over and spilling what little food we helped to attempt to cook on it. As much of a shame as it was, we did get food and it was quite fun. Jonno climbed on a roof for a bit and then we all went and sat on the trampoline. I think sitting on the trampoline was actually, probably my most favourite part of the night. I attempted Singstar & Guitar Hero(Stella Artois followed by a mix of apple sours and lemonade kind of saw to me failing those more than usual). After that we excused ourselves, wished the girl a happy birthday and then went on our way to Hull. I’d never been to Spiders Night Club before and I don’t think I’ll go again. I think it might have been because we ended up sat down and I ended up worrying a bit more for my friend because all we could do was sit and stew, but I didn’t enjoy it. I may also have snapped slightly at the friend that took us there. I didn’t mean to snap. I was honestly just a bit frazzled and fed up by that point.

I also need to return his sunglasses which I found in my bag.

Anyway, I shall leave this entry here because I have a really bad headache. My intentions are to get some hot chocolate and move myself to bed and hope it shifts before morning. If this works, I’ll be fairly happy. If not, I won’t be. Ha ha. I hope the former. Fare thee well, readers!

(Lyrics in the title are from This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush)

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