I, Who Loved The Sparks.

Tonight, one of my favourite programmes is on and it is the penultimate episode. I’m quite excited. I’m also finding it relatively hard to concentrate on what I’m writing at the moment. Some people might say it’s writer’s block. I know it isn’t (but it did give me the opportunity to post one of my favourite Cyanide & Happiness comic pieces). It’s more that I’m distracting myself. Occasionally I get very scatty and end up staring into space, which means I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It usually involves circular thoughts, as well, about situations I cannot change for whatever reason. It’s these circular thoughts that kept me awake until about four this morning. It may be the reason why I am feeling so distracted today.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

In other news, somebody who clearly doesn’t like me keeps leaving me messages on my formspring. Whoever it is obviously has me added on facebook. To this person, I say only this: If you hate who I am and seeing what I get up to so much then please just delete me. I would delete them myself, but, whilst they are throwing insults at me, they’re doing it anonymously. Personally, I find that cowardly and pathetic. If you’re going to insult me, at least have the backbone to let me know who you are instead of cowardly hiding your name. The thing that I find highly amusing, though, is that the comment ridiculed me for taking photos of myself and basically told me off for being vain (I’m not, by the way, I just get terribly bored and I like taking photos with my camera, but nobody else will let me take photos of them unless they’re drunk so I make do)… and then they said I should put on make up and wear decent clothes… So I’m vain but I’m not dressing myself up to look good? I mean, I know I have circular logic, but this seems to go a bit too far. The photos in question were of me baking cakes. It might just be me, but I figure it would be a little bit stupid to wear my best clothes and put make up on to bake when I’ll get covered in flour and cake mixture and nobody else is going to be seeing me. I’m not Delia Smith. I don’t have a camera trained on me while I cook. So yeah, it seems utterly stupid. If you’re interested in seeing how stupid and cowardly the comment is, in fact, it is right here.

And now I’ll tell you about my baking. As we already know, I talk about food a lot. At the start of this week, I made melting moments, chocolate buns and Australian crunchy (which is like a chocolatey flapjack thing). The only food left from this huge bake off is the melting moments and they’re slowly being devoured. The Australian crunchy went pretty much straight away and I have to admit that that’s probably because it really is a rather gorgeous recipe. It’s very chocolatey and it just makes you want to eat more. My mum stole some as soon as she came in and put it in a Tupperware container to take to work. When she came home the next day, there were only two squares of it left. I honestly didn’t expect that it would disappear so fast. Sadly, to make more I need some more plain chocolate to melt over the top of it. At the moment, I don’t have any plain chocolate. These are the basic ingredients for Australian crunchy: sugar, cocoa, self-raising flour, dessicated coconut (or oats), cornflakes, margarine and plain chocolate. You don’t have to have the plain chocolate to cover it over the top, but it does make it really scrumptious when you’re eating it. That was the general consensus in our house, anyway.

And this is a quick happy birthday to two people who have birthdays this weekend (just in case I forget to say it) – Happy birthday for Saturday to Andrew McCluskey (NAL Games) and happy birthday for Sunday to Natalie Wood! Nineteen and twenty respectively.

Other than the distraction block (is it a block or would it be classed as something floaty like a distraction wind?), Absolute Power has been going really well. I’m into the third chapter already, which is a really great start. I know exactly where this book is going, though a few sub plots may be tweaked with. I’m quite happy with it, though. Quite happy indeed.

(Lyrics in the title are from I Eat Dinner by Rufus Wainwright featuring Dido)

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