It’s Easier To Tease

I haven’t written in here for a few days. To be honest, that’s because nothing really exciting has happened to me. I had an interview for a job last Saturday, though. If I get the job then they’re calling me today. If not then I won’t get a call. I really hope I do. I’d quite like to learn how to make pastry – the job is at Woodhead’s which is a bakery and a café all in one. They want someone who can make pastry or is willing to learn. I’m definitely willing to learn. I think it would be quite nice to learn how to make pastry. Hopefully they’ll choose me, but if not I’ll just keep applying to places.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much been doing nothing. I keep meaning to write but I’ve really not been in the mood and when I’m not in the mood I find that I distract myself an awful lot. I’ve also been rather confused over this guy, as well. He came on msn and spoke to me to apologise for not going out… but it still says I’m not on his contact list, which is bizarre because I have to be or he can’t start a conversation with me. Right? Anyway, he text me at 4am yesterday when he was drunk, which partially gave me a heart attack because my new phone is so loud. We still haven’t set an actual time to meet up, so I’ll half retract the previous post about it.

Another thing that happened is that my eldest brother made a post on one of my facebook statuses. This doesn’t initially sound like anything out of the ordinary, but, if I’m perfectly honest, I think he was high or on drugs when he posted it. There’s nothing I can do about this. He’s in his thirties and he lives with his girlfriend in a city a bit further away. He blames everything in his life on our mum. If it really was her fault then how is it that my other two brothers and I are perfectly fine? He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own mistakes. He may be my brother but I’m not listening to him any more. The amount of crap he gives me and puts on me by telling me stuff is too much pressure that I don’t need. All he does is cause stress. Sometimes, it really upsets me that I used to look up to him most out of all of my brothers and yet he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He and my younger brother are two of the most selfish people I have met in my whole life. And whenever something goes wrong, it’s never their fault. It’s always somebody else that gets blamed.

I’m going to try and do some writing and whatnot now and ignore the fact that the snooker is playing on the television.

(Lyrics in the title are from Elephant by Damien Rice)

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1 thought on “It’s Easier To Tease”

  1. Hope you get the call!

    I also hope your mother doesn't blame herself for what your brother is doing to himself. If she does, definitely is worth reassuring her otherwise, because quite simply, it isn't. I'm sure you're already there to comfort her and make her know that nothing's her fault though.

    And, of course, anything you write, you're free to send my way for a quick proofread/read through. Infact, I'd probably like that, given my only other planned source of entertainment for today is only 21% downloaded (and has been downloading for nearly three hours now).

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