Hide & Seek, Trains & Sewing Machines

So, I’m kind of annoyed right now. I may have this all wrong and write something retracting it later, but I need to get it out before it ends up turning into an angry cyclone in my head. The reason I am annoyed is the guy who I kissed on Saturday. That, by the way, is not his crime. He texted me asking to go out as I may have explained in a previous post. I was kind of reluctant at first and completely confused. Over the course of the week, I’ve kind of started looking forward to it. And there was a cinema trip arranged between us for tomorrow. I spoke to him on msn on Tuesday night until late. Yesterday I sent him a text wishing him well with a game of rugby and didn’t get anything back so I assumed he was busy. He seems to be a busy guy.

Anyway, point is, I said hello to him on msn tonight. He answered. We did the usual how are you routine, then I asked if he still wanted to meet tomorrow or not. I got no reply for about half an hour and then he disappeared offline. Now this is fine. It could have been something wrong with his internet or, you know, whatever. If it was his internet, I would have thought to get a text, but no… So it could have been something else, which is still fine. And then I had a thought. To be honest, I’d been getting a bad feeling since before he went offline. So I checked in my security settings where you can see who has you added to their contact list. Suffice to say, he no longer has me added.

Now, this could be a mistake. I might just have missed his email address on the list who have me added… though I did check it twice in case.

So, yes. I am kind of annoyed. I wouldn’t have minded him saying no and giving me a reason. Seriously, that would have been fine. At least I would have known. But this? I don’t think this is fair. I don’t think this is fair at all. I mean fine, delete me, do whatever the hell you like – but I’d like a reason. Don’t ask me out and be persistent about it if you don’t actually want to see me. It’s a really jerky thing to do, even for a guy. It’s not fair.

I’m not a toy and I certainly do not appreciate being played with.

(Lyrics in the title are from Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap & Frou Frou)

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1 thought on “Hide & Seek, Trains & Sewing Machines”

  1. (presuming the worst has happened)

    As I've said on MSN, I completely agree with you. It's a pathetic thing for him to do.

    But try your best not to let it get you down. If he'd gone on the date, held this jerkishness in and hurt you later it would've been horrible. As bad as it is, try to be positive. Think of it as a lucky escape after a little bit of fun at a party.

    I know that's not likely very comforting but s'the best I can do. Sorry o.o

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