& How Can I Stand Here With You & Not Be Moved By You?

I’m slightly more sane tonight. If you can call this sane, that is. I don’t think anyone I know refers to me as sane. I’m pretty sure they all think I’m off my rocker. This was probably proved today when discussing a trip out with my friend. I said that if WHSmith ran out of The Reckoning by Kelley Arsmtrong by the time we got there then I would start crying, cling to the desk and wail until they got security to remove me. She told me that if that happened then we would never have met before and she wouldn’t know me. I fear she may not truly understand the crazy that goes on in my head. Or she does and that’s exactly why she would leave me. Hopefully, this little scenario won’t take place. I don’t think it will… but we may never know.

It’s also rather nice to see that I’ve gained quite a few fans on my facebook page. You can become a fan, if you like. It means that you can get regular status updates when I make another entry on here. I get it fed through, you see. It’s kind of like having a newsletter, but I don’t have one of those yet. I may do when my site gets finished. Still, if you click the box below, you can find my facebook page.

Once again, you may note, I am writing this entry rather late. This is because I’ve had a rather full day of making decisions and other such things. I intend to try sleeping soon. If I can’t sleep then I am going to stay awake and clean my room. Then I’d stay awake for the entirety of the day, too. It might right my sleeping pattern. To be perfectly honest, I am absolutely knackered, but for some reason, my mind refuses to rest properly so my body can’t follow it. It’s most depressing. Luckily, I usually have one of my five furry little monsters (cats) to keep me company, though.

Incidentally, one of them is sitting by my side and purring whilst flicking me with his tail.

I should have a sleep tag, to be honest. I talk such a lot about my sleeping patterns in these posts. You must be really sick and tired of my doing so. I suspect you are all probably wishing that I would stop typing and just go ahead and damn well sleep! It may thus please you to know that I will do shortly. First of all, though, I intend to finish tickling my cats tummy and typing this up.


Did that get your attention? I hope so. It woke me up a bit. I want to write some more flash fiction in here. Anybody who reads this and wants to provide some random sentences for me to base my pieces of flash fiction on should comment below. I would be extremely appreciative of this as I like the challenge of creating something from a piece that I had no involvement in beforehand. It also gives me new ideas for other stories, sometimes. If you want to read pieces of flash fiction, then please scroll down to the labels box in the column on the right and select the ‘flash fiction’ tag, whereupon, my pieces of flash fiction will load.

(Lyrics in the title are from Everything by Lifehouse)

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1 thought on “& How Can I Stand Here With You & Not Be Moved By You?”

  1. Did you manage to get a copy of the book (or is it not out yet)? 😛

    Glad your page is getting more followers. Noticed in that insight email thing that you have 16, 17 new followers, so s'a nice boost.

    Either you don't realise or you sarcastically ignore that we're not thinking you should shut up and go to bed already. The fact I'm here reading means I'm interested in what you have to say – if I was bored of you I'd stop reading. But I'm not. 😛

    And lastly, "In an alternative reality, where my online family is my real one" for flash fiction. If you want a different/another one, "24 hours to live". 😀

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