The Blush In The Sky Begins To Fade

Hope everyone enjoyed the flash fiction. It’s nice to hear feedback on it, especially as it was a piece I wrote for my friend and I had no real direction except that it was to be about water.

Happy holidays to everyone, by the way.

I’m not Christian, but I will enjoy any chocolate sent my way. I really shouldn’t because it’s giving me an awful complexion right now. Luckily, no one seems in a hurry to give me any more, though, so maybe my complexion will be saved. Do I care? No. I’d just like to stuff my face and get fat. My cats would take advantage if I was fat, though. They’d use me like a big beanbag to sit on. They sit on my shoulders and back already when I’m stood up.

Anyway, I just did this quiz on Facebook and I found it interesting so I’ll share the answers with whoever reads this:

You are: The Idealist (INFP) 

In general, INFPs focus deeply on their values, and they devote their lives to pursuing the ideal. They often draw people together around a common purpose and work to find a place for each person within the group. They are creative, and they seek new ideas and possibilities. They quietly push for what is important to them, and they rarely give up. While they have a gentleness about them, and a delightful sense of humor, they may be somewhat difficult to get to know and may be overlooked by others. They are at their best making their world more in line with their internal vision of perfection.

You are clearly an Introvert

You scored 54% in the direction of Introversion, which means you are clearly an Introvert. People who are clearly Introverts are reserved, quiet, and contemplative. They dislike the social pressures of large groups and being the center of attention, but are not necessarily shy. They frequently spend time alone in order to reflect and “recharge”.

You are an iNtuitive

You scored 11% in the direction of iNtuition, which means you are an iNtuitive. iNtuitives like to discuss ideas and tend to approach new information intuitively, focusing on the “big picture” rather than specific details. They find the future more interesting than the past, because they can shape it. While they recognize the value of down-to-earth practicality and concrete experience, they tend to emphasize the importance of imagination and inspiration.

You are a Feeler

You scored 16% in the direction of Feeling, which means you are a Feeler. Feelers are caring, supportive, and appreciative. They naturally reach out to other people, preferring to cooperate and agree rather than argue over who is right. They are comfortable with emotions, both their own and those of others.

You are clearly a Perceiver

You scored 77% in the direction of Perceiving, which means you are clearly a Perceiver. People who are clearly Perceivers lead a flexible, spontaneous lifestyle and avoid making definite plans whenever possible. They get excited by starting something new but find it difficult to finish. They see all sides of every situation, so much so that it is often unclear to them what’s “right”. When faced with a decision, they will put it off for as long as possible in order to consider all their options. Even once the decision is made, they often second guess themselves. 

Which reminds me that I need to have a conversation with my mother. It’s not so much that it reminded me, but I do need to have the conversation with her. It’s going to be awkward, but I don’t know what else to do. I also desperately need to get a job. There’s a lot of stress on my mind at the moment, suffice to say, and I’m not sure how everything is going to work.
In other news, I finished editing Dark Side of the Moon. I’ve asked a friend to proof read it just in case there are any mistakes that either I or Andrew have missed out. I’ve been looking up literary agents in my copy of ‘2010 Writer’s Market: UK & Ireland‘ (which has a web address of if you want to go look it up). The book also has plenty of helpful tips about submitting synopses and queries, so it’s well worth buying. 
(Lyrics in the title are from Magnolia by The Hush Sound)

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  1. Love the way you've done the blog, with all your cats 😛 Interesting blog entry, too.

    Good to hear you found a friend to read it through. Hopefully soon you'll be able to get it sent off to some will-ttly-accept-it publishers.

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