& Dreams Came Around You In A Hazy Rain

The penultimate chapter of Secrets is complete!

I am really pleased. I’ve been slaving over it for quite a few days. It’s been a while coming. It’s also been the first time I’ve written a battle scene. I’m hoping that I’ve done it some justice, but I’ll leave that up to the opinion of my proof reader who will, unfortunately for him, also be helping me edit. I am, however, really quite proud of it. It seems to have worked out well. The last chapter should go even better and then it’s the Epilogue to wrap everything up, before I move onto Book 4…

Book 4 may or may not be entitled Shattered Glass for mysterious reasons that I shall not reveal. However, what I will say about Shattered Glass is that things get darker, dirtier, more dangerous and downright sexier. Things happen to Jocasta (that’s my MC) that don’t usually happen to any MC. There will be more battles, more smut, more vampires, more werewolves, more torture and more fun for me to write. I admit that I get a sadistic thrill out of tearing my characters apart and Shattered Glass will allow for exactly that. I won’t say how, but, if you read it, then you will be in for a rocky ride.

Something that I’d like to know (so I don’t feel so alone and psychotic, I suppose) is… Does anybody else name some of their inanimate objects? I named a huge, grey cat teddy Horace, my blind monkey (yes, he has no eyes and, yes, that’s because my dog ate them) teddy George Reggae and my fake owl Neil. Now you may say that that is a fairly acceptable naming exercise. However… I have also named my laptop and camera. My old laptop was called Persephone after the Greek goddess. I decided, when I got this one (it’s a Dell lollipop laptop as my friend Bekkie insists!), that the P theme should continue and decided on calling this one Peregrin after the hobbit in Lord of the Rings. Of course, that meant I could shorten it to Pippin as I’d shortened Persephone to Persy. My camera also got named when I got it. He’s called Jeremy after one of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld characters. I’d just finished reading Stolen (awesome book that I advise you buy like… yesterday) when I got the camera so I guess that was why I decided on it instead of one of her other characters that I liked. Otherwise it might have been named Robyn (Living With The Dead) or Derek (Darkest Powers YA trilogy), but, if I’m honest, I don’t like the name Derek.

I love Kelley’s (I hope she doesn’t come by here and tell me off for using her first name but, if she does see it and is offended, I promise to edit the post) portrayal of Derek, but I just don’t like his name. Naturally, when I’m reading it, I couldn’t care less about his name – I just wonder when he’s going to get with Chloe. This might be an indication that I get a bit too involved in what I’m reading and writing. I can’t help but to get way too involved with the things that Kelley Armstrong has written. I suppose it’s quite pathetic really. I turn into this horrible fangirlish (yes that is really a word and not something I’ve made up… at all) mess and squeal every time something I find exciting happens. I hope I’m not the only one who does this. And I hope it doesn’t compare me to those kids and bizarre fully grown women who like Twilight (I won’t offer my views on that here as I don’t want to be mean… However, if there was a Harry Potter fans versus Twilight fans war in a muddy field in England one day… The HP fans would win.). Sometimes I consider writing what I think the HP/Twilight fan battle would be like. I haven’t yet, but maybe I’ll do it as a piece of flash fiction one day and you can read it – just for kicks.

Anyway, I’ll stop wittering now as I think my attention span is somewhat failing. This may be because I’m either too tired or… No. I think I’m just tired.

(Lyrics in the title are from Globes and Maps by Something Corporate)

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1 thought on “& Dreams Came Around You In A Hazy Rain”

  1. Really looking forward to the finished version of Bk3, as I've said several times before :3 I've already nabbed a copy of the prologue from your site, I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time until I do the same with the sample chapters.

    Bk4's sounding… whoa o.o All I'll say is "want". 😛 The only slight thing I have against it is its name. Shattered Glass is nice, but it means anyone using appreviations for their names will get confused – 2-4 are S&G, S and SG. It's not a major issue (nor a particularly minor one) and isn't worth changing if Shattered Glass truly suits the book, but it may be something just to take note of.

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