What I Really Need Is What Makes Me Bleed

No blog post yesterday. I bet you were all so very sad that you couldn’t read about my terribly exciting life (was that a roll of your eyes?) . To tell the truth, I spent most of the day covered in dust, trying to sort my desk out. You’ll be pleased to know that I now have enough space to house at least some of my junk. I need more, but this will have to do for the minute. I’ll probably take a photo of it in a minute and let you have a look at it. My walls are covered in photos, art, a family tree for one of my characters and plenty of other stuff that is either useful or has just been accumulated over the years. I live quite a cluttered existence. Perhaps that statement’s worth is increased by the simple fact that I have far too much stationary on my desk. I even have calligraphy quills and pots of ink. I have pretty much nowhere to put all these pens etc. They’re currently stuffed in two pen pots, a Christmas cookie tin, a red glass goblet and a metal goblet. My paintbrushes are all embedded into some foam that cushioned my laptop when I got it. Unfortunately, I really do have to create such structures to house my belongings. In the opposite corner of the room, for example, I have a shelf type thing on which my bathroom stuff stands (I can’t keep it in the bathroom because my brother is secretly a girl and uses more bathroom products than I have a care to count in a matter of seconds), which I created out of a shoe box and its lid. It’s not very sturdy but it serves its purpose.

So my major accomplishment yesterday was to create some more workspace. You can never have enough workspace. After that I went out for a nice night with a good friend. Sadly for you (yeah, I bet you’re weeping your heart out right now… not) there were no pictures of said night out as I couldn’t fit my camera in my bag. Weird events unfurled, but that was mainly guys trying it on and them definitely getting nowhere. Then there was dancing and then there was home. We saw quite a lot of people that we knew, last night, as well. It seems some people are home for the Easter break already. Some of them it was nice to see. Others weren’t so nice.

Shortly, I plan to get a cuppa rosie lea, as we say here (that means a nice hot mug of tea), and then I’m probably going to continue with the last two chapters of Secrets and maybe even write the epilogue. It might take me a lot longer than that, though.

In other news, I’ve joined technorati, which is a site to promote your blogs. It lets other people find them through their tag system and it also allows users to review your blog. Incidentally, if you have an account and wanted to review this then you can find a link to its technorati page on the right (where all my links are kept – you’re probably sick of me repeating that right now). That’s not to compel you to do so, by the way; it’s just so that if you want your thoughts to be heard about the content of this blog and whether you think others should or should not read it then you can. Obviously, I appreciate any comments you want to make below each post as well.

I haven’t written any more flash fiction yet, but it will be done when I get around to it. However, I do only have one more statement suggestion for it. So if you do want to give me a suggestion then I’d appreciate it either in a comment below this post or the post that outlines what flash fiction is so that you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. And this is my first piece of flash fiction if you wanted an idea of what will happen to your provided statement. My last post on here also highlighted how you can find the different pieces of flash fiction that I intend to write on here. I hope that helps you. And if you want to ask me any questions then please feel free to use my formspring (links to the right – again) account – you don’t even need an account to ask me questions!

(Lyrics in the title are from Volcano by Damien Rice)

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2 thoughts on “What I Really Need Is What Makes Me Bleed”

  1. The DIYed stuff looks nice. Reminds me that I need more storage space – half my drawers have had their clothes emptied out for replacement with books, CDs and games, and my DVD shelf is currently three DVDs high, with a stack of videos and other DVDs on each side acting as bookends 😛 I tend to keep my desk as clear as possible, to fluctuating success rates, but it generally means that I have other drawers full of all my necessaries and, in many cases, unnecessaries.

    Have joined Technorati also, will give this blog a little bit of positive love at some point and hopefully will be able to get my own little arbitrary number telling me how good I am (or aren't).

    Lastly, Bk3 nao? 😛

  2. Re DIY: It's not quite the plan I had, but I think it works just as well. Hopefully it will mean less messing of my room for a while.

    Re Bk3: You're welcome to read the first bits of Secrets on my current site if you so wish. It is linked to on the right.

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