This Chaos, This Calamity, This Garden Once Was Perfect

As you may have noticed, my first piece of flash fiction went up today. So let me explain my little tags to help you find it. I’m tagging all of my flash fiction pieces as such ‘flash fiction’. This means that when you go in my labels box, on the right, then you can click to find all of these thus tagged posts. It will give you a list of them in order of most recent first. Secondly, they will also be tagged with ‘flash fiction 500’ or ‘flash fiction 1000’ according to the word count of the post. It may not be exactly that as I’ve given myself a ten percent leeway. This means that I can go over or under the word count by ten percent. Hopefully, that will help you to understand the terms I’ve set out. If you want to suggest something that I should use to write flash fiction then please do so.

I’ve also been editing Dark Side of the Moon. I know I keep going on about this, but really it’s just to inform you of what I get up to. Furthermore, I sometimes like to discuss the new things I’ve edited in. I have to admit that I am incredibly pleased with the effect that the edits are having. They’ve improved the story immensely. When I finally finish the editing process, I’ll be really proud of it. Andrew seems to be enjoying it, anyway. Even if I say so myself, the editing has improved the drama and the quality of writing threefold. I’m nearing three quarters of the way through it and the editing has added on about 20, 000 words to my total word count. Normally, I think, editing depletes your word count, but this hasn’t. I have deleted things, but I’ve also added in a lot of stuff that has vastly improved the story.

I’ve also spent today taking doors off my wardrobe to use in building extra bits on to my desk. I really haven’t got enough space in my room to do things and put things away. It’s dreadful. That’s why I designed a bit to add on to my desk. The desk is something that was thrown together by my mum, anyway, so it’s not going to look too bizarre. I’m putting curtains up, too, in place of my wardrobe doors. I’ve figured that this will make it look a bit neater, anyway. The only problem I now have is that it’s past one o’clock in the morning and all of my stuff is on my bed because my dad didn’t finish it off today. So I’m going to have to move my junk and my TV off my bed. It will all have to go on the floor because there is literally nowhere else to put it. This is why he irritates me. You try to get something done and if you need his help he stalls and ums and ahs and then it’s a year before you can finish off. I mean, I even took all the doors off the wardrobes by myself whilst he sat and watched TV. If he’d helped then we would have finished with that part of my desk and I could have got into bed without having to move so much stuff. Men annoy me – this is a recurring sentiment that you will see a lot when I’m frustrated or angry with various members of my family and other people.

Also, the poll has closed. Thus, The Secrets Were Spilling At The Seams will be henceforth renamed as just Secrets. I realise that this isn’t quite as long as the other title, but it is far less clunky. I will get around to editing things so that the new title is visible instead on websites. However, this will be done some time tomorrow – after I’ve done all that I need to do and got my desk sorted. I haven’t written any more of the ending of Secrets, but that will get sorted soon, too. It’s a complex thing that I have to do so bear with me whilst I gab on about it in future posts. It will take me a while.

I’ll probably find something new to add in as a poll, just for interest’s sake. If I do, it might not have anything to do with what I write in here (though I don’t suppose anyone would notice if that was the case). It might even be a ‘How do you like your eggs?’ thing.

Anyway, I shall try to get myself some sleep (once I’ve extricated my bed from underneath the mess) and I will probably update you tomorrow. Goodnight dear readers.

(Lyrics in the title are from Wine Red by The Hush Sound)

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1 thought on “This Chaos, This Calamity, This Garden Once Was Perfect”

  1. Have definitely been enjoying the edits to DSotM. I can now relate to what both you and Louise said about the quality being kicked up a notch with S&G, but the edits are bringing it up to the same level so the series is really just shining right now.

    Although I have the advantage of a dad who will get things done once he's got them started, I also then have the disadvantage of it being really difficult to get him to bloody start. Hopefully you and he will be able to finish the job today, from what you've said the DIY seems to be going well so far.

    Looking forward to finishing S&G and moving onto the book I can now call "Secrets", not as an abbreviation 😀

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