Murder Your Darlings

I read the title of today’s journal post (it’s a blog, let’s face it, but I prefer calling it a journal. I think it’s a much nicer word if I’m honest. It rolls off the tongue instead of dropping off it like a loose tile crashing from a roof) in a book called Wannabe A Writer? If you’re starting out as a writer, I recommend it. It’s funny and informative at the same time. I was reading it on the bus, shortly before I turned to look out of the window and the bus jolted, causing me to smack into the glass pane with a rather loud thud – my day has not been going overly well. 

[I would have continued there but my ginger cat (Baby) rather unfortunately spent about ten minutes pushing himself onto my lap and seems to have drooled all over me but not before he felt he had to move my mouse around my touchpad… and now he has left and I have been engaged in conversation with my mother – the joys of family and cats]

The point I was trying to get to was what the quote was about. It’s apparently in reference to your writing. What it means is that if there is a piece in your writing that you love, then you should chop it out because it will undoubtedly by superfluous. I’m in agreement with the writer of Wannabe A Writer? – I think it’s absolute twaddle. In most cases, the pieces that you like are liked because of their written merits and not because you’re going all fan girl about what has just happened. When I read the original statement, however, that was not what sprang to my mind. Maybe I’m particularly vicious and vindictive at heart (I wouldn’t say so but I bet some people disagree), because it made me think instantly of the trials and tribulations that I force my characters through. It’s very rare that I allow them to come through unscathed. And by unscathed, I mean that they are usually in either mental or physical pain or quite often both.

You might ask why I’m training to be a primary school teacher when I embody such attributes, but I assure you that I leave all of my cruelty to my characters. This isn’t to say that I would treat my own children in the same way that I treat them, either. So for me ‘murder your darlings’ would be about torturing and occasionally killing off some of my favourite characters and the fact that I love doing that to them. I’m sure (I hope) there are plenty of other people that do the same thing and enjoy it just as much (no matter how sadistic that might be).

Anyway, moving on to my formspring question that you might want to take a look at and that I shall expand up on in a moment: How long have you been writing novels? Have you always just written about urban fantasy? 

In regards to my last sentence, I have tried to write more realistic fiction and I do have several serials on the go. The trouble is that these serials take up time that I sometimes don’t have so they’re very slow to reach completion. If I’m right, then I have at least two serials of realistic fiction that need finishing off. I also write collaboratively. One of these collaborative pieces is leaning more towards the action/adventure and sci-fi categories. Then, I also have a supernatural piece that needs completing, which is set further back in history. Currently, the links to them can all be found on my portfolio, but, hopefully, when my new site is up and running all of my serials and short stories will be on there. This should make it easier and more accessible to everybody. I plan to move my poetry there, too. I’m considering writing more short stories as these take up less of my time, whilst still continuing with my serials. Progress on the serials, however, is unlikely to speed up at present. I should, furthermore, be incorporating some of my artwork onto the new site, but I’m unsure as to how this is going to work out. You will all be kept posted, however.

The poll results are in regarding the name change of The Secrets Were Spilling At The Seams in my JLM Series. It turns out, however, that the results are tied between Andrew’s suggestion of Spilling Secrets and the shortened version of plain old Secrets. I think both sound much less clunky than their predecessor. Nevertheless, I am left with the dilemma of which name to choose. I know which I personally like and I’m probably going to go with this. Still, a public vote on it might show me how much support I have for my personal favourite, so I won’t mention which it is. The new poll will be going up very shortly. Results day is probably going to be Friday night so please don’t hesitate to show your preference before the time runs out.

For the blog, I’m thinking of adding a small section with terms and meanings, too, for those of you who may read and have absolutely no idea what in blue blazes I may be squawking on about. So after the poll has been sorted out then this section may appear, too. 

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