Procrastinators of the World Unite! …Maybe Tomorrow

The title really has nothing to do with what I’m writing today, but everything to do with a discussion that I’m having on my SD (Sinfully Delicious) chat room. If you’re really bored, then the link is here. The discussion was about how we waste time on the internet. If I’m honest, my amount of time wasting has gone down drastically ever since I got the twitter plug-in for chrome (the chromed bird one – it’s really rather good if you’re looking for a chrome plug-in). I used to spend ages with twitter and facebook open, checking to see if anybody wanted to talk to me, because, let’s face it, I like social media and I like talking to people about random things whilst still being able to shut myself off in my own little world. I think that’s possibly one of the best things about social media on the ‘net. I don’t actually have to interact half as much as I do in real life. I can withdraw and go into my own world whilst still being amazingly accessible to the people that I like. I’m naturally quite reclusive. Sometimes I just need to withdraw into my own little place. This usually means that I lock myself up in my room for hours on end either writing or hiding out on the ‘net where I’m there… but I’m not there at the same time. For example, I have an awful habit of signing in as offline on msn, despite the fact that the reason I used to appear as offline is now completely void (the reason was an ex that I may or may not explore later – probably not. I’ve been through my phase of griping about him. I moved onto someone else and now I’m working on getting over him too. Don’t you just love L.O.V.E?).

My point is, I’ve cut down a lot of things that meant I wasted more time than I spent doing productive things. The twitter plug-in has helped me to resist keeping the page open and the fact that I’ve started using twitter has reduced my usage of facebook. Of course, my tweets are imported to my ‘official myspace’ so I don’t even have to bother going on there except to approve new friends and check out any comments I have, which is limited to about twice a day as I no longer like the myspace framework. As for facebook, my formspring questions & answers are sent there & twitter automatically. The same goes for my journal entries. I have them imported by (which also tells me how many clicks I receive) to both my facebook pages and my twitter. It’s a really good set up and means less faffing about for me as well as a reduction in the amount of time I have to spend going backwards and forwards.
This time should be even less when my new site is completed. My friend tells me he’s going to ‘iframe’ things in. I’ve been informed reliably that this is where you embed another page into your site, which will be great because I can then have this blog and my formspring all integrated into my main site. I also plan to have my tweets incorporated into it.
It brings me to something else I was going to discuss (Ha ha! Yes. I actually wrote a list of things I wanted to talk about today – I got the idea from one of the writing blogs I follow which is full of helpful advice for writers trying to get a bigger web presence). I’ve been thinking that I might quote some of my formspring questions here and go into a little more depth about them as there seem to be some questions that I get asked where I could ramble on for hours with a lovely long answer. The problem is that formspring seems to have a pretty unreliable server. It’s always crashing or having technical difficulties, whereby you have to return hours later in order to ask your question or answer a question, again. It’s really quite irritating, but at the same I quite enjoy using formspring as you can ask questions anonymously of your friends or of people you don’t know but do admire. There’s the option of deleting questions and not answering them, as well, if you get any that are abusive or simply inappropriate. It wouldn’t surprise me if formspring got a lot more popular than it currently is. If it does, I’d like to reserve the right to say ‘I told you so’ in a couple of months time. This is a good example of a question a friend asked me where I’ve run off a bit with my answer, ‘What was the earliest story you can remember writing?‘ There are other examples of good questions on there that relate to the writing of my JLM Series (Jocasta Lizzbeth Moonshadow). These have mostly been asked by my friend Andrew (NALGames) – you can find his blog on the right under the list of blogs I follow. He’s currently charged with the unfortunate task of proof reading for me. He’s halfway through Shadows & Ghosts and seems to be enjoying it, which is always a good omen.
I seem to have gabbed enough, today, about my various thoughts. So please click in tomorrow to read some more. And feel free to comment – sometimes I wonder if Andrew is the only one who reads my rubbish!

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