A Man Slave Is Not Just For Christmas

I need a man slave. Not for my personal enjoyment (I seem to go for slightly geeky but cute boys instead of muscular guys) you understand. I just need somebody to sort stuff out for me when I really haven’t the time or the inclination. It would help me to spend more time writing, as well. Right now there are tonnes of things I need to do and I don’t think I’m going to have enough time. Oh well. I must struggle valiantly on ‘knock-kneed like beggars under sacks’.

I do have to get this lesson plan done, though. And if it doesn’t get done, I’ll be pissed off. What I need is lots of water to keep my brain going… or a man slave so that the errands I needed to run would have been done hours ago whilst I was typing up all the things I needed. And then this imaginary man slave could bring me food and drink to sustain me. Furthermore, I would have more time to sleep. Man slave could also sort out whatever he needed to sort out whilst I slept. Why am I even talking about a man slave? I’ll never have one. I suppose he’d prefer to call himself my PA anyway… which isn’t as much fun as ‘man slave’.
Quick poll update: Two of the results are tied so please keep providing your votes as there are only 3 days left.
Tomorrow night, when I get in, I will sleep and then I will have a lovely shower to make me feel so much better. My mind is just wandering far too much at the moment. Must concentrate on this and then sleep.

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1 thought on “A Man Slave Is Not Just For Christmas”

  1. I'm sure you could give Chippendale a call and get yourself a man slave at a reasonable price 😛

    Hopefully you'll enjoy the placement tomorrow, you seem to like it. Shame the lesson plan's a lot of effort – you wouldn't really think it'd take that much effort to teach a few kids about watering plants! And when the JLM series get published (which they will, or I'll… I'll make FKR12… or something) you'll be able to afford a PA to do this crap for you. Who knows, extra couple of quid an hour and he may LET you call him "man slave" 😛

    Despite voting for both the top options in the poll (as well as Secrets & Lies) I personally prefer Secrets. Really concise, but gets the point across nicely.

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