Ticking By My Side

So, as I sit here, surrounded by snoring animals and listening to both my timer ticking in the background and Today by Smashing Pumpkins, I am really tired. I’ve had a hectic week so far that has consisted of very little editing/writing of my Jocasta Lizzbeth Moonshadow series but sadly plenty of ideas for it. That’s the worst thing about having no time to complete it in. I’ve barely even annoyed people on twitter and facebook with my nonsense.

I have to write up two lesson plans, as well. I’m on a block week of placement at a primary school, you see, and they’re letting us teach. I say ‘letting’ but we have no real choice in the matter as we’re getting assessed. I’ve already taught one lesson on my own, but that was a Science lesson. Tomorrow I’m teaching literacy. It will be a reading exercise, but I haven’t taught literacy before so I’m kind of worried. I’m more worried about the numeracy lesson I’m teaching for the first time… but that’s next Wednesday so I can prepare over the weekend etc and spend more time on it. I was supposed to be doing it on Friday, but now I’m not. I’m teaching Science again on Friday instead. Decided that I’m tying in the Science that we’re doing with the Literacy tomorrow. I’m going to be teaching about cyclical diagrams… so they’re going to be doing the life cycle of a tree/flower. I need to mock up some worksheets etc for it, but it should be good. I’m going to make sure they have some pictures to colour in, as well, in case they finish early. It will only be the second lesson I’ve taught on my own. For the most part, they’re good children, so I’m not too worried about them. I’m more worried in case something goes wrong when I’m teaching.
Rewarding but tiring.
Voters in the poll has gone up to nine, but this has now tied the lead position. If you want to do me a favour and untie it then please just keep voting. You’re allowed to vote for as many options as you like. Invite your friends to vote if you want. Just know that you haven’t got much time left to do so unless I decide on extending the vote… which I really don’t want to do… but will if if I feel pressed.
Dinner is quiche that my mum made. She wrote on her note to eat it with whatever we liked… So I’m having bacon and tomato quiche with sweet and sour pork.. and rice. I don’t really like rice but it’s okay with sauce smothering it. And I’m hungry. It’s less than five minutes until it’s ready. Also, I apologise to anybody who sat through and read my long, rambling post from last time. The rambling wasn’t intentional. I hadn’t thought that I’d have much to write about if I’m perfectly honest.
Anyway, my timer has just rung out. I must go eat things like the hungry beast I am.

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1 thought on “Ticking By My Side”

  1. Attempt 2. o.o

    Shame about the JLM series' slow progression :/ Hopefully you'll have some time this coming weekend to work on it. As I've said before I'm a big fan of the series and looking forward to it all.

    Seems like you're liking placement. Sounds like a good opportunity to get into the world of teaching should you choose to pursue it later in life. An uneducated mind such as mine really wouldn't think it'd take so much just to teach a bunch of single-figure-aged kids how to grow some plants 😛

    Although I voted for the two tied-for-first JLM3 subtitles I thought I'd mention that out of the two I slightly prefer "Secrets". Succinct, does the job, catchy. ^_^

    Lastly, hope you enjoyed the quiche. Is alright to be hungry 😛

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