Rip This Red Dress

I went out for my birthday drink last night. My aim was to consume my age in drinks (twenty). I didn’t manage it. I made it to nine, so I guess I covered my mental age. It was actually eight, but I had a large cocktail that tasted like strawberry milkshake so my friends pointed out that that would be regarded as two drinks considering the amount of alcohol that went into it. Sadly, I don’t think sipping their drinks counted towards my attempt.

I’ve included one of my photos so that you can see the cool people who went out with me. The girl at the top is Tiff, then there’s Sarah and the girl whose smile you can see is Nat W. It will probably protect her identity that you can’t see her whole face considering our private joke that her most likely career choice would have been an assassin. I’m the girl in the red dress.
It was a really good night. We had a nice long catch up as well as being able to dance a bit and let our hair down, which I haven’t done in quite a while. I’ve been so tired and stressed lately that finding time to wind down and relax properly just hasn’t been easy to fit into my agenda. It was good to see friends, though. I haven’t seen any of them since New Years Eve, which is kind of sad because I always enjoy going out with these three in particular. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy going out with others, but I always have fun when I’m with these particular people. The only downside is that I know there are going to be some dreadful photos of me posted on facebook. To be honest, I don’t mind that they’re dreadful because I like being able to have the memories. I really don’t understand it when people untag themselves from photos of them when they were younger. They might be embarrassing but it’s always nice to be able to look back at things that have happened in the past and to swim in that lovely warm feeling of nostalgia.
The only thing that’s wrong with going out where I live is that everything closes at 3am. It’s a small town so it’s understandable, I suppose. There’s only one nightclub and tonnes of food places, but the nightclub closes at 3am. So when you leave you go to get food but all of the food places have shut their doors. I reckon they should try to stay open half an hour later than that because they’d make such huge profits. Of course, it meant that we all had a sandwich when we got in at.. about 4? It takes a while to walk from town to my house and I don’t really trust taxi drivers. Luckily, we weren’t feeling the cold too much because we’d had enough to drink by then and we were keeping moving.
I also wanted to mention that I’ve added a poll at the side so you can tell me what you think of the book name dilemma that I mentioned previously. I’ve also opened up commenting to anyone who wants to comment. You shouldn’t have to log in with a google ID or whatever else it asks for. I hope that helps everybody.
I think I’m going to get some editing under way, actually. That’s if I can, anyway. My eyes are a bit sore, which is most likely because I didn’t sleep too well when I got in. I was having a few agitating dreams that I weirdly can’t remember. All I know is that they were making me anxious for some reason.

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  1. Good to hear you enjoyed the night out. The dress is really pretty given the price – certainly looks like it'd cost more than it did. Loving the photo too 😛

    Also, have voted in the poll. I went for the first three in the list.

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