Secrets or not? Dilemma over a book title…

I’m in need of help. This is a lot less like my normal entries. I’ve been debating over a long period of time on whether or not I should retitle The Secrets Were Spilling At The Seams. Whilst it fits with the book, I sometimes think that the title is a bit too clunky. I’ve considered reducing it to ‘Secrets’, which is what I call it when shortening the title, but I think this is a bit too short.

It’s in a series of books that I’m writing (though I don’t have them published) so the need to remember individual titles is a little bit more important. My first is titled Dark Side of the Moon and the second is called Shadows & Ghosts.
The suggestions I have so far are as follows:
  • Secrets
  • Spilling Secrets
  • Secrets & Lies
  • Spilling Secrets & Lies
  • The Secrets Were Spilling At The Seams [this is a vote for keeping it]

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has any other suggestions and what your thoughts are on the subject. I think I’m leaning towards either the first or third on the list, but I don’t know. Whilst I liked my original title, I’m just not sure on it any more. That’s why I’m asking for any input that anybody has.

I got home last night and after dying my hair.. I fell asleep. 7.30 in the evening is not when I normally fall asleep but it seems that my lack had finally caught up with me. Still, I didn’t expect that I’d sleep straight through until 12.55 in the afternoon the next day. I had some weird dreams that were something to do with super powers. I say weird, but for me odd dreams are perfectly normal events.
After waking up, I have pretty much done nothing but scavenge and then return. I say scavenge because Ethel Austin has supposedly gone into liquidation and, as it’s my favourite shop to nab clothes from, I thought I’d go see if there was anything suitable for me to get for tonight (late birthday drink with friends). There wasn’t really anything that caught my eye. I got a nice top, though, and three shirts I thought would be suitable for placement (I’m doing Initial Teacher Training and on placement in Primary Schools so I need to be dressed appropriately but also not in a suit). They all look really good and the new top does too, so I’m really pleased.
I thought I’d have a look in M & Co afterwards, though, in case they actually had something wearable. They are one of my least favourite shops but pretty much the only other fairly decent clothes shop in the small town where I live. I figured there was the slim possibility that they would have a nice top to wear out… I didn’t find a top… but I did find a stunning black dress with glittery bits on it. Sadly they had no more of these in my size, which really annoyed me… until I noticed the scarlet one that was in my size and was only a tenner. Result of shopping: SCORE!
So I’m probably going to wear this red dress tonight. Maybe with my sparkly silver heels.. though, I’m not sure if the heels will match so I may just wear black heels. My black heels are actually a hell of a lot comfier so I won’t be too fussed, either way.
I’m hoping that tonight will be a good night, though. I’m going to be with some friends who are always good to be out with and I always enjoy myself with… and I will force them to go dancing. So all should be awesome. And if it isn’t, I will make it awesome.
Anyway, please post your comments about the book title. They will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. My psychic abilities tell me you're going to go to the night out in the red dress and enjoy it. o.o

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