Where Does The Time Go?! …& other reasons for using ‘?!’

Where does the time go, honestly?

I haven’t had any time to do any editing, which is really bugging me. This is partly because I fell asleep for several hours earlier… Such an act was entirely unfortunate… but necessary.
I’ve not been sleeping properly for days, mostly because of worries and because my brother wrecked my sleeping pattern by keeping me awake all night for two nights. Shattered is absolutely how I’d like to describe myself right now, which is why I nodded off with my laptop on top of me earlier. One of these days I will probably do that and it will set fire to my face or something as equally possible but ridiculous. In the burns unit I will only shrug and say it could only happen to me. Things like this only seem to happen to me. It’s probably why I can write stupid things like that happening fairly believably.
This reminds me of one of my favourite scenes in Secrets (I still haven’t figured out if I’m changing the title or not – I may even put up a vote) where one of the characters is attacked and sees something that really shocks her. Instead of looking after her injuries and/or demanding answers, she announces that she’s making a cup of tea and would anyone like one. I think it amuses me more because I know it’s one of those things that I would do given the same situation. There are other little funny scenes written in the same vein, too, but I won’t give any more away.
Excuse me whilst I pause in typing to have a coughing fit.
Okay. I’m good. This stupid cough still hasn’t quite left me.
Other things that cause the ‘?!’ are usually just classed as my younger brother. When I got in today, despite being knackered, I had to go straight back out and get food (one of my other favourite subjects) so I have something to eat on placement tomorrow. I bought loads of ham and cooked chicken pieces and stuff – all out of my own money and all solely for my pack ups. I got a few other things I needed too (except for the paper I’d also gone for! Tesco are just rubbish here. I needed it to print off my lesson plan and everything) and some dry cat food because the boys and Poppy are out. When I got home, I put my clothes in the washer, ate my dinner and then came upstairs to sort out worksheets etc.. but fell asleep as previously mentioned.
Thus far this story is really interesting, right? I don’t think so.
When I woke up from my accidental sleep (to a really lovely image someone sent me, but more on that in a short while), I finished sorting the worksheets and borrowed the other laptop to print my work off downstairs with some drawing paper that I’d found as a substitute for the proper stuff (no thanks to Tesco). Anyway, I remembered I needed to shove my clothes in the drier (it’s about 2.30am so not ideal at all). Sorted that out and figured that, since I’d bought it, I might try the ham to see if it was worth buying. Turns out that Gannet Boy has already started chomping on my cooked chicken. I mean, I really wouldn’t mind…
I bought all that food out of my own money for me when I’m on placement and, even if I hadn’t, he eats everything in the house! I’m surprised there are any walls left. He’s probably started on the plaster in his room having gnawed through the wallpaper first. There’s never anything left for anybody else. He clearly hasn’t even asked, either. After a while, you just get really sick of it, which brings me to the fact that I’ve made a decision. I’m going to get myself a mini fridge as soon as I can. I figure that, if I get a mini fridge, he can’t eat everything I get for myself. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I could put this mini fridge as my room is really tiny and already brimming with the most amazing amount of junk that I have accumulated (suggest throwing stuff out and I will hurt you. You can’t throw stuff out if you’re a hoarder like your mother). I have paper everywhere, as well. It’s mostly notes on plots and things, but the lack of room means that I just have nowhere else to put it and, sadly, I can’t really afford to move out.
You might be wondering what image it was that I woke up to. It’s sadly nothing terribly exciting to most people. I decided to make myself a new facebook page (the old one was mostly to do with a different site for my writing so it just wouldn’t do) and Andrew (who is doing the graphics for my new site – he also did the graphics on this journal – and is a serial commenter as you may have noticed) has created me and image for the page. It’s one of my photographs that has been cropped and edited to a lovely effect. You can see the page here: Rebecca Clare Smith’s Writing. I’d be really honoured if you became a fan and many thanks to those that already have.
If you want to ask me any questions, by the way, I have recently joined formspring. It allows you to ask questions anonymously unless you have an account. My profile is right here so if you’d like to ask me questions, then, please feel free. If it’s inappropriate, though, I will simply not answer. However, I would like to think that, if you have a question and think I might be able to help in some way, you could feel as if you could ask me without public embarrassment.
Anyway… until next time… *flies off with cape streaming*
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2 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go?! …& other reasons for using ‘?!’”

  1. Where does the time go? You're asking me… I'm in disbelief I have to go and work at that bloody shop again. Feels like yesterday, not seven days ago, that I did it last.

    Shame to hear about your brother pilfering food, back of food, the falling down the stairs on Twitter etc. Guess life is too much of a little bitch to give you a break.

    One more thing – I'm totally not a serial commenter. Just a loyal fan. 😛

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