Should I Give Up Or Should I Just Keep Chasing Pavements?

So, tomorrow it’s my birthday… And yet I don’t really find myself excited. I guess it’s because twenty means I don’t have as much of a chance to enjoy it like I did when I was a little kid. There’s also the fact that whenever anything bad in our family happens.. it tends to fall on or just before my birthday. Maybe I’m a bad omen. Who knows?

Anyway, thus far, I have two cards. One is from my brother and his wife. The other is from my parents. I don’t expect anything from my other two brothers. My younger brother never remembers, or does and refuses to get me even a card, and my eldest brother fell out with me because I told him to grow up and stop acting like a three year old. To say he’s over a decade older than me, he should have grown up by now. Maybe that’s the fact that I seem to act older than I actually am, though. Anyway, I don’t really expect too much for my birthday. I may spend the day in bed eating things or jotting down stuff for stories. I may even avoid facebook because I don’t want to see all the birthday messages I’ll get.

The thing I’m looking forward to about it, though, is that my improved site is a birthday present. I know that work on the graphics is probably going to be slow today, however, as Andrew is involved in the GJ Jam with a couple of my other friends. I’ve been linked to screenshots of the event and so far they all seem to be doing stellar jobs. Sean isn’t involved in the game making so he’s probably carry on with website building. He’s really good at it to say he’s so young – makes me feel proud of him.

I think I slightly mother all the lads I talk to in my chatroom. Pretty much all of them are a couple of years younger than me, but they’re all really talented at the things they choose to do, such as game making or web building. Every time they accomplish something, I feel slightly like a proud mother looking on from the sidelines. Silly, I guess, but even in my own head I refer to them as my boys. God knows what I’ll be like when I have kids of my own. Lol.

On the subject of changing the name of Book 3… Andrew has suggested Spilling Secrets. If anyone has any opinions on it then please comment because I’ve wondered for a while. It just seems a bit clunky, sometimes. So comments on it would be much appreciated. I mean, there’s ‘Spilling Secrets & Lies’… But feel free to suggest names and anything else. Feedback is always good.

I’ve been getting on with the editing of Dark Side of the Moon too. It’s going really well and I’m really proud of the edits. I’m sorry to keep banging on about it, but I promise I’ll stop when I’ve finished editing. I’m just trying to gather momentum to do it. It’s not exactly the most exciting process in the world but it is painfully necessary. Gathering momentum is the only way I’m going to do it really well. The more excited about it I am, the more likely the edit will come out as something brilliant instead of something done through bored stubbornness.

And in a shake up to the usual format:

Where: At my desk

Listening to: First Love – Adele

Tabs open: SD chatroom, Sample of new site, Journal page

Programs open: Msn, Chrome, WMP, MSWord

(Lyrics in title are from Chasing Pavements by Adele)

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1 thought on “Should I Give Up Or Should I Just Keep Chasing Pavements?”

  1. Happy… thingy. I retain my stance on it just being a number. You'll be fine. 😛 I would've got you a card, but you've expressed a less-than-happy attitude to it so thought I'd hold off. Hopefully the website, journal and domain will suffice present-wise from me and Sean. 😛

    You're really nice with the guys, me included. I'm sure when you finally ascend into the world of parenthood you'll be just fine. Not like you'll be short of bedtime stories, anyway 😀

    Good to hear DSotM editing is coming along well, it's an improvement so I'm sure the end result will prove gratifying given the level of effort you're putting into it.

    Keep blogging 😛 Until the world decides to comment back I'll keep jumping up and down offering thoughts and occasionally having a little scuttle.

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