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Where: At my desk for a change!

Listening to: The Dumbing Down Of Love – Frou Frou & Imogen Heap

Tabs open: SD chatroom, Facebook, Myspace

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I’m hoping everyone really loves the new layout as much as I do. NAL (Andrew McCluskey) sorted it out for me. I think it’s fantastic and that he’s done an absolutely awesome job. He and Sean Buller are the two who will be sorting out my new site for me. I really am extremely psyched up about it. So far they have design ideas and a list of things I’m after, but, even with the things they add of their own accord, I think it’s going to turn out fabulously.

I’ve also sorted out my official myspace which I’d left for quite a while to its own devices. It’s not as snazzy as this is yet, but it will be. The temporary background and images will do for the time being.

I haven’t written on my journal in quite a while, to be honest. I’ve been ill on and off. It’s stupid. I caught ‘flu off my mum. Then I was feeling better and then I caught a cold. I’ve still got it at the minute. It’s mostly in my throat now, though. As soon as I get rid of the cough then I should be good to go. I have so much to do and so much to catch up on. The problem is that I’ve just felt dreadful.

And then there have been the family dramatics.

My brother’s girlfriend broke up with him. He’s heart broken. And stupidly he took some kind of blade to his arm and showed me after our parents had gone to bed. This, of course, meant I had to clean him up and sort him out. I know how he feels but I think that was a step too far. If I’m honest, though, I reckon it was probably more to show her (they’re both emos & she’s supposedly cut herself so I think he thought it would prove something to her) that he loved her. Obviously it didn’t work and the wimp that he actually is soon found out that it was also a stupid and painful exercise.

Then my mum has failed both of her assignments for her part-time uni course that she was doing to get a higher pay grade. It seems to have really upset her. And on top of that I had to tell her about my silly younger brother. I figured it was better that she knew in case something happened with his arm.

And my dad is being deliberately obtuse about things. I like that word. Obtuse. I watched The Shawshank Redemption recently so maybe that’s why.

One more thing, though, today was exactly a year since I kissed my ex properly, alone in this very room. Trying not to dwell is a very difficult art. I know it was today mostly because it was three days before my birthday last year… and it’s now three days before my birthday. Twenty on Sunday. I don’t want to be twenty.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t depressed you. I’m such a cheery soul. ;P

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2 thoughts on “New Journal Space”

  1. Dang, not the best time you've ever experienced, I'm sure. Hopefully you'll perk up ASAP, Ben will start to feel a little improved and your parents will… well, they'll probably still be parenty. Don't forget that age is just a number. Its only real use in life is to get you into pubs and clubs when it's more than seventeen. You'll still be good ol' 'Becca.

    On a lighter note, glad you like the blog design so far. It'll undergo some tweaks between now and the completion of your site, I'm sure.

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