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Where: At my desk again. I swear there must be something wrong with me.

Listening to: Pump It Up – Elvis Costello

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I should add a ‘what are you eating’ bit to the above list. Incidentally, I’m eating one of those cherry muller yoghurts with the bits of chocolate sprinkled on. They’re so nice. They finish too quickly, though.

I have a bit if a headache at the moment. It seems to be a tension headache so hopefully the ibuprofen will work. It’s annoying, though, because it distracts me from what I’d like to be doing right now… which is writing or editing. I’m up to Chapter 7 of editing in Dark Side of the Moon. It’s going really well, but this headache is seriously murdering my chances of doing much with it. I wanted to get on with it so I could finish the last few chapters of The Secrets Were Spilling At The Seams. I’m half-tempted to cut the title to just Secrets or The Secrets, but I don’t know.. I haven’t been overly happy with the title for some time. It seems too long and too clunky in relation to the two previous titles – Dark Side of the Moon and Shadows & Ghosts. If you have any comments on that, I’d really appreciate hearing them. I like Secrets, but I’m just not sure. I think it’s because it’s had its current title for so long that I’m reluctant.

The other problem with having a headache is that I start writing the wrong words. It’s like my brain is re-routed or something. I might get a glass of water after writing this because that usually helps when you need to think.

On another note, I’m quite proud of a good online friend. His real name is Greyson Wright but he goes by RedChu or RC. He’s created a new online magazine about the Independent Game Maker Industry recently. In my opinion, it’s really not a bad start. His first issue of OverByte Magazine is online if you want to look at it. As a friend I’m really quite proud of him. He knows there are things he needs to sort out for later issues but, for a first issue, he’s done really well. It’s casual enough to relax you, yet it retains the idea that it is a magazine and is therefore not too informal. Hopefully, he’ll get a good readership. I’m not personally a game maker, but it was still quite enjoyable to read for me.
Today was the first day that I successfully managed to participate in Follow Friday on twitter. I’d meant to so many times but I would unfortunately remember too late. It’s a really good idea, to be honest. It seems to build a sense of community amongst the strange people that inhabit twitter – I’m included in this list of strange people.

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1 thought on “Follow It Up”

  1. Headaches are a real pain. Hopefully they'll go away for you eventually. The progress you've been making on the editing of Dark Side of the Moon is well worth it – though I personally really enjoyed the original there's obvious, glowing improvement in the new version. It's also good to see it come closer to Shadows & Ghosts and (The) Secrets (Were Spilling At The Seams) in terms of word count.

    On the subject of Secrets, although I initially found the old title fairly long I kinda grew into it. It's not that much longer than "Dark Side of the Moon". Secrets seems a tad too concise though in my opinion. How about "Spilling Secrets" or something along those lines?

    Lastly, was nice to see my inclusion in your Follow Friday list. Nice to know I'm not an embarrassment to you. 😛

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