Ethereal Entity #28

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Listening to: Die Hard – TV

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So, I haven’t written in here in quite a while. Decided to write this whilst I got Andrew to read through my edits. He and Sean are making me my own proper site for my portfolio and everything as a birthday present (yeah, 20 soon… oh great). Hopefully, it’s going to be really awesome. Don’t really want to push the boys too far, though, because, whilst I know they’re good, I don’t know quite how far they will be able to do some of the flash things that I’d like. I’ve given them a list of pages etc for the navigation bar and suggested quite a lot of the stuff I’d like to see in it as well as giving them a mock up of the layout. I may or may not be moving my journal over there, as well. If I do it will probably be to a blog spot thing. That way anybody who doesn’t have an account here will be able to leave comments too, but we’ll see. There will also be a steampunk (if you don’t know what that is, google it) style counter complete with clock. I’ve seen the design (so far) for this and it’s really excellent. Just needs a few more cogs and things adding until it looks a pinch more realistic and then the guys intend to use flash on it to get the features moving.

It’s the flash stuff that I’m more worried about them doing because I don’t think they’ve done that much flash in the past so this might challenge them. Hoping that it’ll add a lot of mystery and excitement to the site, though. I’m glad that they agreed to do it, to be honest, because they both know what I want, pretty much. Andrew certainly does, because he has even created an excellent book cover design for DSotM (Dark Side of the Moon) even though it isn’t yet in the hands of an agent. It looks really good. Couldn’t have done a better job myself. He’s got it almost exactly spot on, though I’d say it could maybe do with a slight daubing of blood too, but I think he plans to edit it when he’s finished reading DSotM. Either way, it should help him to see what I’d like for the site. Either way, my main desire is to have the site reflect the surprises I put in places in the book. It needs to be exciting things that will jump out at you and make you go ‘Wow’.

My head hurts quite a lot, right now. I’ve had this headache for three days. It’s really starting to bug me. Maybe it’s to tell me off for being so lazy when I was born. The 7th was the date that I was due to be born, but I was exactly two weeks late. Maybe I’ll have this headache until my actual birthday. Oh fun fun.

In other news, I’ve had the ‘flu. Been feeling dreadful for days. I don’t know whether or not it was swine ‘flu like my mum had, but oh well. I’ve gotten over it quicker than her, anyway. I guess that’s because I still had anti-bodies from my last bout of ‘flu.

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