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I read this today: jihad: a holy war on behalf of Islam. The Christian equivalent word is crusade, “a campaign or war sanctioned by the Church against unbelievers or heretics.” Literal crusades were common in the Middle Ages and were directed against Christian heretics as well as non-Christians. Now the term is used figuratively to mean “any remedial activity pursued with zeal and enthusiasm.” The same meaning is becoming attached to jihad. []

Makes me wonder… Does that mean that the Christians would have been counted as terrorists in the days when they were on their crusades? I don’t know. I’m just musing, but it would seem logical to me. I guess that’s me though.

Apparently it’s snowing outside. I don’t plan on going out anyway. I still don’t feel too well. I was coming down with ‘flu night before yesterday. My mum’s had the swine ‘flu so I guess it was off her. I’m not as bad as her, though. I just had really bad muscle aches and terrible shivers. So the entirety of yesterday was spent in bed in pyjamas. I’m not a fan of spending all day in my pyjamas. It just makes me feel dirty. I don’t know why. I like to change my clothes at least once a day.

I have set little things I do, as well. I like having a cup of tea when I wake up because my throat is usually too dry to talk on a morning. It’s gross. But I will forego this ritual for a short amount of time if it means that I can avoid seeing/speaking to parents and my other at home sibling & having the house to myself whilst I drink it. Tea for me is the proper English version, not that pansy stuff that you have iced or with a lemon. I mean, yuck. Who thought that up? Iced tea is like drinking urine. Cold urine, obviously, but yuck. Anyway, so my tea is fairly weak with two sugars and milk. Depending on what time it is, I’ll have breakfast. If it’s ten or before, I’ll eat, but if not I’m likely to forget that I haven’t eaten. I’m a bit bizarre like that. And as much as I like to sleep, I don’t like sleeping late. It has an unfortunate side effect of giving me headaches. It’s like sleep deprivation but in reverse. I can deal better with having no sleep than having had some sleep. Maybe I’m just a naturally reversed person.

I’ve been trying to do some editing today but my mind keeps wandering off task. I’m also not sure how happy I am with some of the scene. Then there’s the fact that, to be perfectly honest, my attention has been wavering due to illness. This wavering attention makes me terribly unhappy because I really wanted to get on with this. Oh well. I’ll try to get back to it now.

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