Ethereal Entity #25

Where: Sofa
Listening to: Mama Do – Pixie Lott

Tabs open: Facebook

Programs open: Msn, Chrome, WMP, FreeCell

Pull yourself together. It’s probably not what you think. You’ve just had a bad night’s sleep and you’re feeling like rubbish. It’s not what you think. It can’t be. Right? Wrong, but hey.. You don’t care, right? Totally… Of course… Not one bit… Seriously. You were thinking about it last night, weren’t you? And you figured that you didn’t care at all. That you were fine. I mean, you are fine… Of course you’re fine. He’s just a man. Right? He means nothing to you. Of course. Totally. Couldn’t care. Not one bit. Yeaaahh… So why are you talking to yourself like an idiot?


You’ll find out soon enough and then you can make yourself hate him. Because that’s what he wanted you to do anyway so he’ll be happy. Yep. Completely. Stop refreshing. It won’t change anything. Just wait it out. You’ll figure it out in the end. You always do. You’re not quite as stupid as you make yourself out to be. You’ll probably see Kat, Nic, Bekkie and Rob at uni and feel better. They’ll cheer you up. You can taunt Rob about how he’s probably going to be stuck with you in his English Lit group. Need to burn a CD and get some money & petrol anyway. Ugh…

S’gonna be fine…

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