Ethereal Entity #24

Where: On my bed

Listening to: Fireflies – Owl City

Tabs open: SD chatroom

Programs open: Msn, Chrome, WMP

I’ve neglected to carry on with my edit for a few days. Now that I have the whole lot of extracts on the site edited it feels like I can relax and do it at my own pace. Andrew is still helping me. I’ve been writing the 21st chapter of Book 3, instead. It’s involved a lot of trying to adequately explain vampire biology and genetics (yes, I do get this serious about my writing), which has been quite demanding as it’s a lot of information to take in, never mind the writing down. Getting it all in a sensible order was bad enough. I knew everything that needed to go in it but I’d just jotted it down haphazardly on a page. When it came to writing it down in one piece, I had to connect it in a logical fashion. It’s been hard going but I’m pretty satisfied with the resulting explanation. I’m hoping to catch hold of a friend who does biology so that I can have her read it and see whether she thinks it makes sense from that point of view. Stickler for detail.

Been having some weird dreams lately about my ex’s family. Quite a few have taken place at weddings, but there is a recurring theme. In the dreams, his parents are there and they’re really nice to me and keep trying to get me to talk to him & get in touch. But I’m always reluctant and afraid like I am IRL (in real life). I had one of these dreams last night (it was at a wedding this time and his mum, dad and sister were there even though the wedding was something to do with one of my cousins…) so when I woke up, I went back to sleep hoping that I’d dream something different and forget it… but instead I dreamt of going to the cinema to see Avatar. Of course, who’s on the row behind us but his family. So I left the audience and went upstairs to the guys running the show, knowing that they’d just try to convince me again. And I basically spent the rest of the dream hiding. I don’t know if it means something or if it’s just pointing to the fact that I’m a scaredy cat and that I’m not assertive, just as he said, but eugh. I don’t want to be followed by his family in my dreams. I have enough on my mind to warrant not being told to speak to him in my dreams. I’m supposed to be allowed to escape from things in my dreams.


In other news, I’ve added the Chrome extensions for Facebook and Twitter, which is good because Facebook keeps messing up on me for some unknown reason and the twitter plug-in has an added link shortener. I said I wouldn’t add them because, you know, everybody else was adding them… but I hold the right to be contrary if I want to be. =P The twitter one does kind of annoy me because it has a little colour change every five minutes to tell me someone has posted something new.

I’m also listening to Owl City. I’d seen loads of flair on Facebook about it (flair are like little badge things that you can collect – I mostly collect the ones with amusing slogans on) and I’d thought that I might have a listen, but I just never got around to it. A friend started listening lately and got hooked so I gave Owl City a go. Started listening to Fireflies. My immediate thoughts were that it was rubbish and I turned it onto something else, which was probably Norah Jones. Anyway, I figured I probably hadn’t given it enough of a chance so I had another listen later on. Unfortunately, it got stuck in my head. So yeah, I like it. I’m not too sure on some of the other songs in the same album, but maybe they’ll grow on me just like Fireflies did.

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