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So, I have tax stuff to fill in online. This should be fun. I can’t explain how much I dislike numbers. It’s not that I can’t do maths etc… I just get very stressed about it. It’s probably going to take me a while because this is the first time I’ve done it, too. I’ve been putting it off, if you can’t tell. Oh well. I thought I’d update this first, though, seeing as I didn’t make an entry yesterday. I spent the day going to the opticians to set up my direct debit for my contact lenses. Fun fun. It’s costing me £15.50 a month. Kind of annoying but hey. Mum had said she’d pay for it for me (seeing as she practically bullied me into getting them) but I guess she forgot about that. They seem to think I have money coming out of my ears. I really don’t. For one thing, I had to replace my camera. For another, I have a phone bill to pay every month. She keeps telling me to get rid of my phone, but if I did then she’d complain every time she needed me to get in touch with her because I wouldn’t have any credit. She doesn’t think about this, though. Then there’s the extortionate bus rates to get there and back from uni on certain days. She tells me I should buy a car of my own… I can’t afford an effen car or I would! God damn it. And on top of that, I need to eat at uni. I can’t take packed lunch from home because my ass of a brother eats everything in the house so there’s never anything left. Might just start eating at McDonalds and using my NUS card to get me free food. I have some food vouchers for there actually.

Anyway… less of the ranting, right?

So yesterday I edited a picture of my friend as well. We call him Spanner. That’s his nickname. Me and Lucy, however, started a running joke about how he was a superhero and his ‘Spanner senses were tingling’. It was mentioned on facebook yesterday. So I photoshop-ed (or rather I used GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program) because I don’t have the money to fork out for photoshop) a picture of him. I deleted the background and added a superhero outfit with a cape. Then I cartoonified the whole thing to make it look like it was out of a comic book. It’s now on facebook and I’m kind of proud of it considering the response I got. I’m also considering doing a few more, just for fun. I’ll have to do them in my spare time, which means in between editing and writing my book as well.

The editing is going really well. The amount that Dark Side of the Moon has improved is extraordinary. I’ve added the latest version of the prologue to the site and I’m nearing the end of editing Chapter 1. I’m thinking I might split Chapter 1 into two Chapters. It’s certainly very, very long now. I think the break might help it. I’m impressed by it, though, because it’s suddenly at the level where I expect my writing to be. And I have high expectations of myself where my writing is concerned. Maybe that’s because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but who knows? I like to think that it’s made my MC (that’s Main Character for those of you who don’t know the jargon) a lot more realistic, too. That’s something I’ve always strived for. No matter how much fantasy I put into it, I wanted the people to be so real that you felt you knew them. I wanted even their illogical thinking to seem like they were real people just making a mess of things for what they believe to be good reasons. I’m hoping that it’s working. I’ll have to ask Andrew McCluskey (NAL Games) – I keep mentioning him because the poor sod agreed to proof read and help me with my editing so I wanted to help him with his quest for gaming recognition. I’m sure he’s got gaming recognition anyway because he’s been head hunted by YYG (YoYo Games) to work in their offices, but he likes to google himself (that wasn’t an innuendo) to see how high his name gets and with a famous cousin who has the same name it makes it that bit harder. So yeah. I’m partly plugging him… again in a non-sexual way. It’s the least I can do.

Better get on with this stupid tax stuff anyway… unless someone wants to do it for me? No? Didn’t think so. *sighs*

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