Ethereal Entity #16

Where: In the armchair downstairs

Listening to: The American version of The Office because nothing else is on

Tabs open: Facebook, Twitter, SD chatroom

Programs open: Msn, Chrome, MSWord

I nearly forgot to write in here until Andrew McCluskey (NAL Games) reminded me as is his new duty. I’m in a real writing mood but I have most of DSotM to edit. I finally finished editing the Prologue (it’s up on my official site now so click the link in my sig and find the extracts page). I just stole the ham and sweetcorn pasty that was left for my brother… I’d feel bad but he stole my Christmas dinner one year. We’re weird like that,

I haven’t really got a lot to talk about today. I’ve spent most of it sitting here editing my prologue and I’m pretty knackered now. You’ll probably notice because I’ll probably typo and repeat myself a lot. I think I’m going to go to bed after I’ve written here.

So… well… My brain is actually coming up with nothing to write about, which is completely unusual. I’ll finish Bk3 soon… which will make me immensely happy because Bk4 is going to be so much fun. And I keep making typos so I’m going to sleep. Yeaaahh…

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