Ethereal Entity #15

It would probably be better to start this journal off with a kind of format. So here goes (I’ll probably forget to do this next blog time):

Where: Sitting on my rubbish spinning chair in my tip of a room (but at least the chair is red) at my desk

Listening to: Luke Pickett – Going Down With This Ship

Tabs open: Facebook, Twitter, Authonomy, The SD Chatroom

Programs open: WMP, Msn, Chrome, MSWord

So now you know pretty much everything that I’m doing… or at least, that I’m supposed to be doing. To be honest, I need to stop slacking on things and spending so much time in the chatroom (links on the board index right at the bottom by the way) but my sleeping pattern is what we like to call fooked, so I wake up, feel crappy, crawl online and cheer myself up by talking to random people that I know on the internet. Most of them are quite cool. Some of them are just… odd. Like RedChu AKA RC (Greyson Wright) with his constant TMI. I mean, really, how much information has a boy got to give when he’s going to the bathroom? Other than that he’s kind of cool. He does, however, remind me of my cat. I have five cats so I suppose that might not narrow it down.

To be more specific, Greyson reminds me of Smokey. Smokey… well… When we got Smokey it was because my mum rescued him. He’s a bit brain damaged, but lately he’s been annoying me quite a lot. I don’t know if it’s because he’s matured and yet his brain isn’t quite right or what. He’s been neutered so I’m at a loss. What he’s been doing, though is basically raping anything furry and still. He does that thing where he presses his paws up and down and starts purring. Now his purring is extremely loud. You can hear it from the next room, but then he starts getting… how shall we say.. ‘excited’, and that’s when I get worried. I understand that he’s a cat and he has his needs but really? He has to attack furry cushions? I caught him with my purple teddy bear. He’d picked it up in his mouth like a dog (this is one of his other things. He’s under the impression he’s a dog. Personally I don’t get it but apparently he thinks ‘dog’ suits him better than ‘cat’. In all honesty, he’s more of a shadow because he’s grey and he likes to follow me from room to room) and then taken it into the bathroom where he started his bizarre ritual. I don’t know what to do about it except hide all the furry things I have – which isn’t fair because I have a faux fur throw to keep me warm on my bed. I suppose at least he isn’t doing it to me or something. If I wake up in the middle of the night with a cat on me doing stuff I think I’ll be traumatised for life… not that I’m not already traumatised enough.

I given Andrew McCluskey (NAL Games) the job of making sure that I write in here. Hopefully he won’t forget. I told him to put it on a post-it note. That way there’s two of us. He’s my second in command on the chatroom, too. I’m not sure how I could describe Andrew to you. Closest is maybe a mixture between the Snowman and Little John (on the Robin Hood Disney version of course). One day, I’ll think up a better description. He’ll probably read this and his response will be somewhere between ‘WTF?’ and secretly being quite pleased.

Anyway, I started editing Dark Side of the Moon… I started writing it when I was 15 and even though I know that some of it needs redoing I can’t help but feel terrible when I have to delete bits of it to make way for new bits. Part of me wishes I could print it out and move certain pieces around or cut them out then stick them together again whilst adding new bits in. I think that would be kind of messy, though. I should really get back to doing that. I’m going to get a glass of water, first, though, I think. There were a lot of commas in that sentence.

I’ve become rather attached to commas over the years. I like putting them in because they help to navigate the flow of a sentence. You can help to decide how fast it is jut by adding or deleting some commas. What I don’t like is when people just put them in randomly or before ‘and’ when there really is no need for them to be there before that ‘and’. I think another reason why commas attract me is perhaps that I write poetry when I’m in the mood for it. I’ve always written poetry quite well. With poetry you can make things twist and turn for no apparent reason. That’s what is so good about poetry; it’s writing for the love of writing something and not because you have some purpose or particular story to tell. I tend to write poetry more when I’m feeling overcome by emotion. It’s an excellent medium to convey your emotions through. The only other medium that could compare is perhaps a painting, but then you’re not necessarily conveying your emotion; you’re conveying the emotion of the scene and that is most certainly up for interpretation. I had to do an essay for my A Level Art course. I can’t remember exactly how many words it was but I enjoyed it because I’d never had the opportunity to contrast and compare visual work before. It was actually a really good experience because, even though I wasn’t too sure on how to write it, it allowed me to see how much was open to interpretation and I think it aided my ability to write, too. When I say that, I don’t mean my ability to write essays. I mean that it helped me to write the description of a scene in a story. It helped me to see much more how I could bring to an environment through pathetic fallacy.

Anyway, I really need that glass of water. =P

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