Ethereal Entity #14

Updates, updates, updates:

— Well for one thing, the Mafia game ended – MQ turned his hog out and blew the game. Then I got banned by my lovely brother and am now trying to start one on here. Awesome, huh?

— New Years… Well… What can I say? It was great because Susie was there. It was not so great because they started playing the same song as last year when I was looking in that direction and I just couldn’t hold the tears in any more. Then me and Susie unfortunately had our arses felt up by Charlie and I slapped him across the face.

— I’ve got my contact lenses. My eyes tear up something dreadful when I put them in but hey ho.

— Got my new laptop – His name is Pippin, he’s red and he’s a Dell with MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7! EFFEN FTW, PEOPLE!!!!!

— And the DA is currently down for one reason or another. Things will get sorted out so you need to bear with us. I’ll send you an update when it’s finally sorted. Sorry for the delay, guys.

— I joined Twitter! My username is ‘jocastalizzbeth’ so follow me please!

— Still attempting to get a literary agent for my book. [Nearly finished the third btw]

And I think that’s about it. At the moment, I am sitting in my room telling myself that I should get my sorry self to continue editing book 1. I should really start calling it a manuscript, but to me it’s a book. Just discovered – whilst procrastinating from writing this – that the status of my cousin’s I commented on has been deleted. That must be because I have a sense of humour and put in caps lock as a reply that she should become a timelord as she was saying she should give up and change her career choice. I’m guessing that I’m still not in favour with her then. Oh well. That’s her loss obviously.

Reading that back, I must come across as really arrogant over the ‘net. I’m really not. I just take the mick out of myself, to be perfectly honest.

One thing that really is annoying me, though, is the amount of people attempting to get me to go back to foocow to RP. It’s a writing based RP (role play) site, if you didn’t know, and it’s the place where I started writing collaboratively on the ‘net. I had quite a few people there that I had to thank for such an increase in the quality of my writing but sadly most of them have disappeared off the face of the Earth. A few of those that I was closest to are still around and I’m glad of that because we still write collaboratively and they read my personal stuff to help me with it. Still, foocow was where I started out and if it wasn’t for the kindness of some members I would never have started writing so well. I do agree with people who say that RP writing is some of the hardest you’ll ever do. And it really does help you because you see so many different styles and you get to bounce your work off others.

My point is, I don’t appreciate the people trying to take me back there. I’m currently with a better community (when we get our site back up) and we don’t have the horrible politics there that we had with foocow. I mean, at foocow everybody has their back up and you’re watching over your shoulder to see who is talking about who and there’s the gossip etc etc. When I left, personally, it was because of the lies and the lack of trust in the staff from the then main owner who set up a new owner that we had recently demoted without consulting everyone. It was utterly unfair and there was a lot of backhanded-ness as well as people pointing the finger of blame at people who didn’t deserve it. Anyway, I came to realise as time went on that I was a lot more relaxed and that there was no stupid politics on our new site. When it gets back up it’s a great community and the people on it are absolutely lovely – and I’m not just saying this because I’m an admin. Foocow holds quite a few bad memories for me as it is. I don’t want to revisit that. And to be honest there were quite a few members I didn’t agree with on there. That site has memories of pain and upset for me… not to mention being frightened out of my wits that a guy I was talking to was going to seriously hurt himself (not naming any names here).

So I’m happy being away from foocow.

On another note, I’m helping NAL (Andrew McCluskey – yes, I’m full naming him so that he gets some more google search kudos) by writing him a story line for an interactive novel. I’m not sure how long this collaboration will take seeing as neither of us has attempted it before, but it was something that he’s wanted to do for a while. He suggested it and I thought it’d be pretty interesting. There’s also the plus that I’ll get some recognition for the writing and that can go on my portfolio that I’m trying to build up. I’m also going to be helping RedChu (Greyson Wright) and MelonYoshi (William Pluta) with their online magazine, ‘Overbyte‘, when they need it. I’m trying to build up the credit because it should help me with an online profile and I’ve heard that you’re usually more successful with your writing if you have a good online persona (hence the Twitter and the LinkedIn profile etc).

I’ve found out quite a lot of good information since joining Twitter, actually. Following the publishers and agents is turning out to be an excellent plan. You can pick up tips from them. You can also follow authors or other aspiring authors (like me). So thanks to Andrew McCluskey (NAL) for suggesting that too.

I’ve added a guestbook to the front of my site, too. So if you read my journal for whatever reason and you feel like dropping me a line then don’t be afraid to leave something at That’s a shortened version of the link so if you want to show it off anywhere then please feel free. Any help you want to give is gladly taken and much appreciated. I don’t update this as often as I should, to be honest. So if you want to know what’s going on in my life everyday you’re better using my Twitter.

I’m not sure what else I could tell you, quite frankly. We seem to have covered all the issues at the forefront of my mind – except the not sleeping well. I need to go take out my contact lenses anyway, so I’ll sign off and hope you weren’t bored by my ramblings.

And to finish:

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