Ethereal Entity #3

This really isn’t fair. Really it’s not. Part of me wants to dream of him because for a few minutes in those dreams for some reason I feel really whole but another part of me REALLY DOESN’T. Subconscious, seriously, you have no idea how much it hurts to wake up and realise they’re not true. I honestly expected to find him lying there and to have that thing he gave me as well. Jeez. I mean, please give me a break. And the oracle cards? Ugh. First question I got ‘extasis’ as an answer which basically means a bunch of positive things and healing and stuff. Second answer I got a faery called Faff the Ffooter, which basically said to ground and centre myself. And I did a third card as just a general thing.. and it basically said to trust my gut because it was right. -.- My gut doesn’t seem to be right so far. I wish it was, but it doesn’t seem to be.

This stupid certainty ought to go away. Along with this horrendous back ache. Ew. I am so tired ;_; And I’m only like majorly tired because my brother has me playing a jenga-like game on the wii on co-operative and I need sleep..

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