Ethereal Entity #1

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The following quote is my edit
Mini intro:

My name’s Rebecca Clare Smith. Here and elsewhere I may or might have gone by Jocasta Lizzbeth Moonshadow or some variant of that. I’m doing ITT (Initial Teacher Training) at university but I am an aspiring author. Always have been and always will be… unless I get published, but we can only hope for that. I’m nineteen as of writing this (birthday is Feb though). If you want to read my stuff check the portfolio section of the boards for links. My site is here: and you can find me here:

So I thought I’d start this by making a list of things I want. That way as it changes or as I get what I want then it’ll be easy to edit. At least that’s the theory.

Things that rely on others:
  • Someone to recognise that I can write and that I can write bloody well
  • To get my book published
  • Bigger room
  • To see the newest HP movie – done
  • Idiot to turn up

Things that rely on money:
  • Newest version of the Corsa
  • New laptop because this is slowly dying – Got him. His name is Pippin
  • Bigger room
  • Contact lenses? – done/laser eye surgery – possible on Wednesday, eye test
  • Stamps – Got them and sent my letters off
  • Box set of Medium
  • The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong – that’s out 1st May 2010 though

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