Lush Cosmetics, Boilers, & Downward Dips

I was going to pen a blog post tomorrow, but due to unfortunate occurrences I will, instead, be going to visit with in-laws. Mr Bear’s grandmother has been taken ill and so we’re going to see her and (hopefully) cheer her up a bit. Wish us luck!

On a more positive note, I’ve had some time off from work lately; partly for my birthday and partly because Howard Bear had time off so I wanted to spend a few days with him where neither of us was working. One of these days off ended up being a trip through to York and a visit to one of my favourite stores – Lush!

In case you don’t know what Lush is, it’s a shop for handmade cosmetics. The products are wonderful and the shop always smells so heavenly from them! I definitely recommend that you try them or at least have a wander into a shop. Although, I will warn you, that the staff, fantastic though they always are, are also very helpful.

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Anxious Bruises, Interviews, Tees & Love

Firstly, I apologise to everybody who was waiting for a blog post on Thursday. You are quite right, they were my usual days for posting a weekly update, but I was at work this Thursday and had little time when I came home to create a post.

Friday I visited parents after work and Saturday I was there all day. Yesterday was a morning shift followed by cuddling up to Howard Bear and relaxing (well, it is nearly Valentine’s Day!).

So, as you see, I’ve been too busy to find the quiet time necessary to write this post for you, guys. Today, however, is a day off so I can tap away in relative quietness – bar our cats demanding to come in or go out. The latter totally disrupts my flow, but without being able to fit a cat flap there’s nothing I can really do.

And Barley is very persistent when he’s at the window, believe me.

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Forgiving Zander, Parents & Planning Ahead

Holiday time! …Next week. And also a bazillion dentist appointments (I may go hide in a cupboard). It’s good timing, really. I’ve been making lots of progress with the writing of Forgiving Zander. It needs a bit of fleshing out, but the urge to steam on through is with me.

There’s also the fact that my dad’s quite ill. He’s basically been told in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t have an operation then he could die because he has a narrowing of a heart valve. Anyway, he’s waiting for the date when that occurs and is taking medication in the meantime as well as avoiding doing anything too strenuous.

Hopefully the time off will allow me to see him a little bit more than usual.

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Birthday Blues

So exactly a week after Valentines Day, it’s my 24th birthday. Huzzah and all that.

Usually what happens is that I get excited about my birthday from the beginning of the month and then slowly February dissolves into a mess of troubles and misery so by the time it’s my birthday I am disinterested and sulky.

Apparently this year is no different, but at least this time nobody familial has died… yet.

Instead my lovely other half is looking at a possible pay cut, which would end in us being unable to afford to stay in our little flat. It would mean moving back to our parents and living separately again.

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