93: [Fangs In The Snow]


The window of opportunity is gone. I lean back in my seat, sunglasses shading the fractured light of the garish chandelier. I sip my pint. The suds of beer tickle my tongue, but the taste is not one I care for.

Too weak. Too dilute.

I need something more.

My gaze flicks to the shoal of young men who have entered the bar. They are loud and young. Flashy jackets scatter light on their naïve scales as they make too much noise and see too little of the other clientele. We are not of their primitive stage.

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Still Snowing…

So, still having car problems – joy of joys. It seems like an electrical fault from somebody messing with the wiring. Which is great…

And this is a picture I took of current weather conditions:

And the electrical fault with my car? Yep, the blowers are not circulating any heat or directing it at the windscreen. And in this weather that means I have ice on the inside of the windscreen and am frozen by the time I reach work…

Not to mention that the screen and side windows start freezing up.
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…is an awesome word and also what the snow appears to be right now.

Of course this means wrapping up warmly in my winter jumper again (as you can see above) and taking little white doggies out for walks in the beautiful snowfall. It’s quite lovely, actually, walking them in the dark with the silence and the glitter of white flakes and the lack of people.

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Die Hard 2.1: Heathrow

Stuck in Heathrow? Planes not moving? Unable to go on your Christmas holidays and escape the dreadful weather that’s keeping you here in the UK?

Well… it’s not the weather’s fault.

That’s right. John McClane is at it again…

He’s at Heathrow airport saving everyone from terrorists while authorities pretend that we’re actually all just stuck under the weather.

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