So This Was Christmas…

And what have I done?

Nothing illegal, if that’s what you’re asking. But I have had some rather lovely events transpire despite the wrinkles that my lovely brother, Master Berserker, has thrown into the mix. I guess you could say that it has, indeed, been a better Christmas than usual in our household. It’s certainly been cheerier at any rate.

And this was our house on the day in question:

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Missing In Action

I have been for a while. This is not to say that I’ve been battling orcs and got mislaid during the bloody onslaught. It does, however, mean that I must once again apologise for slow posting due to an increase of stuff in my life.  If you follow my twitter or my facebook page, you may be aware that I now have a second job and that the lady I work with at my first job has been ill for about a fortnight. You may be wondering how the latter would affect my time regaling you with my insane tales and rather weird ideas.

Well, we work as school crossing patrol officers (that’s lollipop ladies to you and me) on an extremely busy T-junction, which is all fine and dandy when there are two of us to patrol it. With one, however, it poses more of a problem. Surely there should be a stand in, right? Someone to step in when we’re sick? A person to plug the gap when we’re holed up in bed with boxes of tissues, forced to watch that ghastly orange man (David Dickinson) flogging peoples precious possessions?

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