RELEASE DAY!: Baying For Blood

So, book two of my amazing Indigo Skies series is out today! The sequel to Preying On Time will see us reunited with Violet, Logan and Simon in a future where the human genetic code has mutated to create various supernatural types.

In the last book, Logan was involved in a life changing attack. Baying For Blood begins with him adjusting to this new way of life when a serial killer strikes leaving Logan in the frame. Despite the evidence, PI Violet Eonsen doesn’t believe her brother has killed anyone.

She just needs to prove it.

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Cover Reveal & 35% Off Preying On Time For One Week Only!

It is with great delight that I get to reveal the cover for Baying For Blood! This is the amazing second instalment of my Indigo Skies series. Don’t you think that the cover is amazing?

Superb, right?

My amazing friend (and a brilliant author) Gayla Drummond created the cover for me. I am in awe of her talents. Not to mention, completely astounded and happy with her creation!

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Bad Wolf, Coming To The End & The Future

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

What? Oh no, sorry. We aren’t actually talking about Doctor Who. Shame really because I liked that Bad Wolf thing. No. We’re actually talking about the killer in Baying For Blood.

I’ll let you decide whether you think I mean Logan or someone else.

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Excerpt Deux!

Didn’t I promise another excerpt of Preying On Time after I provided you with the prologue in my Whetting Your Appetites post?

Well here you go. I kept my promise – even if it has been delivered later than I planned.

1. John Doe

“So who do we think he is?”

The police officer glanced up at her and then down at his screen once more, a scowl etched into his face. He highlighted things, pressed delete and then hammered the same information in again, the old keys clacking like arthritic knuckles in the chaotic jangle of paper, chatter and phone calls. The screen refreshed and the officer’s frown deepened.

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