November Fic


In accordance with @LadyAntimony’s November fiction challenge of 250 words, here is my offering:

My Tricksy Precious

“‘One ring to rule them all’… What bull is this? Where’s the original note?”

The paper crumpled in her hand, heavily lined eyes black with anger. How hard was it to follow a set of simple instructions? She should have done it herself. Always expect shoddy work if you send a demon to do a necromancer’s job.

“I thought that was the original note…”
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Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 4

#flashfiction #GhoulsGalore

Grave Error

The ground bubbled and shook where the soil had been freshly laid. Borborygmic ripples tugged at the earth, boiling below her feet and knocking her to the floor.

She scrambled towards the gate, but the ripples had spread out from one grave and through the whole cemetery.

Skeletal limbs and half-rotted flesh broke the soil and turf. She wished she’d never started. It had been a stupid idea to go out there all alone to test her powers.

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Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 3

#flashfiction #GhoulsGalore

Pack Of Lies

He covered his eyes with trembling paws. “I’m telling you, they don’t exist. They never have.”

His brother leaned closer, holding the torch below his chin. Light scarred his face with sharp shadows and harsh lines. “Well, they say we don’t exist. Who are you to say the gormagon doesn’t if we do?”

“That’s different,” Seth whimpered.
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Halloween Flash Fiction: Week 2

#flashfiction #GhoulsGalore 

Below Stairs

The cellar steps reached below into consuming chthonic darkness. The air cloisters in my lungs, musty and old like stale breath.

My feet tell me I should go back, but I don’t because they are no longer master.

The darkness calls a cypher to my brain that only I can understand. Human fear is weak in me. This body is too frail and this soul too lacklustre to support me any more. A replacement is due.
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