Partying, Working, No Writing & Relax

Bear and I spent an entire day together on Monday, which was lovely, if tiring. After being on so many long days and late nights at work, however, it was a welcome change. We had a wander around town, bought a couple of bits and then we had a cheap and cheerful dinner at our local Wetherspoons.

It wasn’t the greatest meal ever, but it was made perfect by being able to spend it with this man (isn’t he so handsome? ;P)

He probably won’t appreciate me putting his face on the internet, but sometimes his face is too cute not to share with everybody. It also helps me get through some days when I get to see his face. And this past week has been one of those weeks.

Summer has hit us at work with full force. We are busy and then some.

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L’esprit De L’escalier

I’ve realised I make comments about some things like I don’t care in order to hide the fact that I care too much, in case it bites back at me or something.

I’m pretty sure it won’t, but I worry a lot that people think I’m being silly and over emotional about things. I worry that they realise I invest my heart in certain things and certain people and make myself vulnerable. And I’m not sure why it matters that they know how vulnerable about certain things and certain people I am when they are friends that I’m talking to.

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Trench Note

Still haven’t got my hours for this extra job yet. This is why I’d rather keep a job I already have whilst I get a new one on top. That way if anything goes wrong I’m not left dangling with no money etc.

I feel sorry for the guy in charge, really I do. He seems to be so run off his feet and by the sounds of it, not all his staff are reliable. Plus, he has more than one place of business.

It’s okay, though, because I know I have some hours, now, this weekend. It’ll be interesting.

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Flash Fiction No. 76


Translucent Solids

Brick crushing bone is what she’d expected the first time. The second time she’d punched harder, twisting on her heel and landing in a scrabbled heap on the corrugate carpeted floor, knuckles untouched.

No blood. No pain. No graze.

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