Free First Chapter – Read Online Now!

We’re nearly there! The 30th of January is looming and I’m ultra busy trying to sort out the behind the scenes book bits ahead of release day, but to help you guys share in my excitement I’m posting the first chapter here.

Right now. Online. For free.

And then, next Friday, I’m going to post the second chapter too! So that’s two free chapters… and a third on the eve of the release!

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Horror Movie Survival Kit–[Top Ten Items]

I had an email recently from the cool guys behind ManCrates. They’re a gift service that specializes in crates for men that contain awesome gifts. The idea is that you have to open them with a crowbar to get into the goodies inside. Pretty cool in my opinion.

In fact, screw men. I want a crate I have to jemmy with a crowbar. Why should fellas have all the fun?

Although, to be fair, it would probably take me forever to open it, even with a big hunk of metal to help. I could, however, get Howard Bear to wrench it open for me, which might be useful when it comes to the subject of today’s post….
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Release Of Zombie & Dystopian Fantasy Forgiving Zander!

It’s finally here!

Forgiving Zander is released today after an exciting wait. It shouldn’t be quite as long until the next instalment in the Survival Trilogy, either. Much anticipated, I hope that the new book will answer a few questions as well as tie up a few loose ends whilst continuing the story we began in Breaking Cadence.

In fact, in honour of the new release, the ebook version of Breaking Cadence has been reduced in price to help out those who haven’t started the series from the beginning but have been intrigued by the chapters I was posting of Forgiving Zander this week.

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Fourth & Last Free Chapter Before Release Day!

So I gave you guys chapter three, Coming Apart, of Forgiving Zander yesterday and today I’m giving you chapter four! That means this is the last chapter you get free before release day, which is tomorrow (Friday the 17th)!

Are you ready for the apocalypse…?

And, of course, I have to advise that you read Breaking Cadence first as that is the first part of the trilogy.

As a side note, happy birthday to possibly my number one fan, Ian Manton (@imant64)!

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