Top 10 Favourite Childhood Books

Last time’s top ten was the Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best Writing Partners. In a different direction, today’s top 10 is my Top 10 Favourite Childhood Books. So sit back and relax whilst I count them down. And my apologies for the childhood pics.

Are you ready…?

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Taste Of Blood: Dark Fantasy & Vampires

Today marks the arrival of Taste Of Blood, the fifth instalment of the Indigo Skies series. It’s a dark fantasy adventure with vampires and time travel in the mix. And if that isn’t a good enough reason to grab it?

Well, check out these reasons…

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Hearts & Flowers

It’s nearly Valentines Day and, as such, I feel like I should really be showing you guys some love. After all, I’ve rather neglected this blog for the past couple of weeks.

That isn’t to say that anything exciting has happened, because, really, it hasn’t.

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